A New Hope For Justice


Scientology Ethics Tech works when it is applied, but applying it means that the conditions have to be correctly assigned and the formulas have to be honestly applied.

False reports and false data are the order of the day in this society and justice has too often been used for political gain or getting rid of rivals or forwarding the purposes of some clique. The thought of using justice to straighten up the individual or to safeguard the society doesn’t seem to have occurred to anybody.


Societies today seem to be rigged so that any downstat creep can torpedo any upstat person and is even assisted in doing so by the powers that be.

This alone could cause a decline of a civilization, as the reward for being an upstat is made inadequate by the penalties capriciously machine-gunned about by downstat criminals, bums and degraded beings favored by their protectors and sponsors—“the justice system” and modern governments.

As they themselves are contaminated by their criminal associates, the police and court systems are, in the main, composed of downstats who couldn’t make it in life any other way.

Societies traditionally cave in through their police and justice systems, since these provide a channel of contamination between the vicious and lawless, and decent people. Eventually such police and justice systems, aided by advice from criminal practitioners such as psychologists and psychiatrists, sink into a belief that all men are criminals. This at once justifies their own vicious practices and excuses their merciless injustices against all men.

The few decent officers and judges in these systems find themselves unable to cope with the scene, surrounded as they are by vicious colleagues and connected as they are in their daily work to the minority dregs of the society. They soon sink into a hopeless apathy and their sensible weight is seldom felt by others in the morass in which they wallow.

Police and courts offer an open-armed opportunity to the vicious and corrupt to establish themselves in a position of safety while satisfying their strange appetites of perverted viciousness toward their fellow man.

There is little thought of administering justice so that individuals can improve. There is every thought to punish and create misery.

Justice systems thereby become a sort of cancer which erode every splendid ambition and achievement of the decent citizen.

Man has never before invented a remedy for this corrosion in the name of “justice.” Even the Spanish Inquisition was headed, at Isabella’s demand, by her own tutor so as to keep it from becoming a blot on her reign. And who was the tutor? It was the man Torquemada, who sank to a point where he began to bind his books with human skin and whose name has come down through the ages as a synonym for cruel and senseless sadism. It was the Inquisition which did more to destroy the repute and power of the Catholic Church than any other single operation.

“Justice” apparently cannot be trusted in the hands of Man.

The FBI charter mews about safeguarding the populace, but hides and is utterly disregarded by an organization whose principles are carefully planned wholly on terrorism and conducts itself more lawlessly than any criminal it ever listed as Public Enemy #1. Who is Public Enemy #1 today? The FBI! Its obvious target is every opinion leader and public-spirited group in America! To the FBI, their own charter is not only a subject for mirth, but the Constitution itself (which they are sworn in to uphold) is just “garbage” which impedes their headlong terror zeal. In the name of “justice” (and even calling themselves the Justice Department), they practice every conceivable perversion of injustice. With their terror tools, preferring lies to fact, they have created a police state in which no man, woman or child or even a politician is safe, neither from downstats nor the FBI. To the FBI, all men are guilty and can’t be proven innocent and, behind her bandaged eyes, Justice herself weeps. In the name of “justice,” they have condemned this society to death.

Tolerance, mercy, understanding and the actual handling of the individual by decent and effective Ethics Technology is a new hope for justice.

You cannot bestialize every man and expect any benefit to accrue to the society at large, even though this is what the contemporary justice systems are trying to do (which is of course its own brand of insanity).

We must safeguard against unjust practices and make haste to remedy all injustices. We must be accordingly committed or we will never make it.

Meanwhile, we must cope with the social morass in which we find ourselves and rise above it. For, factually, these generations have no hope, either as individuals or society, unless we do make it.

L. Ron Hubbard
25 March 1979
Introduction to Scientology Ethics