Amy Scobee and Mat Pesch are liars

The woman who was at the airport last week and ran into Amy Scobee wrote to us her side of the story. Here it is:

Amy Scobee and her husband Mat Pesch are liars. I am not surprised they ran to Marty Rathbun to get their lies published.

First of all I am not a private investigator but a Scientologist who lives in Los Angeles. I was at the airport that day because I was traveling, in fact if Amy Scobee would have bothered to look she would have noticed that I was carrying luggage.

While at United I noticed Amy Scobee.

I went up to Amy and asked her if she was Amy Scobee and she said yes. I then asked her what was she doing in town. She didn’t answer. I asked her if anyone paid her to come to Los Angeles. Still no answer.

Then a big guy (who I found out later it was Mat Pesch, Amy’s husband) comes over and gets in my face in a threatening way and starts saying something I couldn’t even comprehend. I am still looking at Amy and her husband swings in again on me a few inches from my face.  I looked straight at him and respond, “fascinating!”  He pulls away and changes tactics.  I notice that he is becoming very agitated and goes totally psycho and starts shouting a bunch of anti-Scientologist rants.

I am locked back in on Amy again and not distracted by what her psychotic husband was doing.  I told Amy that she was a failed SO executive and that she was a liar.

Amy could not look me in the eye and kept looking straight ahead being very agitated.

A woman from security walks over.  She is very pleasant, wants to know what is going on.  I am smiling, don’t say anything.  She looks at Amy Scobee and Mat Pesch.  He says something about being harassed.  She turns to me and smiles back, wants to know what I am doing here.

I told her I was traveling.  Amy interrupts me and mumbles that she has been talking to the FBI.

Then Amy and her husband went through security.  I stayed behind and briefed the security person about Amy Scobee and that she became an anti-Scientologist after she was kicked out of the Church for being an adulteress. The security person was disgusted. I then apologized to the passengers in line and briefed them about Amy Scobee and Mat Pesch. They understood and several told me I didn’t need to apologize because the “big guy” (Mat Pesch) was the one shouting and acting crazy and he should have apologized. I gave them my Volunteer Minister card and told them they are welcome to check for themselves what Scientology is about. When I came back a few days later I was surprised to see one of those passengers in the org reception who had enrolled on a Div. 6 course. He thanked me for informing him about Scientology. I said, no you should thank Amy Scobee, we both laughed.