Merchant of Delusion & Black Propaganda

What do Marty Rathbun’s delusions and his Black PR have in common?

They are both forms of JUSTIFICATION.

Justification: a social mechanism a person uses when he has committed an overt act and withheld it. It is a means by which a person can relieve himself of consciousness of having done an overt act by trying to lessen the overt. This is done by finding fault or displacing blame. It is explaining away the most flagrant wrongnesses. – LRH

Take a look at Rathbun’s technical crimes and you will no longer wonder why he spews his black delusional propaganda. He has taken justifying to a whole new level—he has to, just to live with himself.

The magnitude of his gross Auditor Code violations exceeds comprehension—they’re just too incredible to be believed.  Exposed in previous articles, all to Rathbun’s screaming protest by pulling his rabbit-out-of-the-hat justification—“they were taken out of my pc folders!” No, Rathbun never got them off to go into any folder, trashcan or shredder. It is a known folly that we’ve all creatively and imaginatively justified our overts but this one by Rathbun exceeds over-the-top justifications. It’s delusion.

His technical crimes were exposed by the very preclears he cowed and butchered and who had to be extensively repaired.  Rathbun and his cohorts always crybaby to entheta-rumormongering-prone media and scream “Foul play! They took our confessed crimes from our pc folders and exposed them!” No again. It just so happens that criminals don’t get off their crimes, they cover them up in some way. Furthermore, they are colossal geniuses in leaving their fingerprints and evidence behind them. Sort of like his media whoring Amy Scobee, who Marty defends to the heavens as some Joan of Arc. This is the same saintress who had “sex” (an understatement) with her pc while auditing him. To which Rathbun screamed again, “Unfair! That came out of her pc folder!” No Marty, ask her and her “pc” how their crime got exposed—they literally left the evidence all over the place. It’s despicable, yet amazing, how a criminal can portray herself to a delusion hungry media that she was auto-da-fe’d (burned at the stake) and defended by Mr. Tomas Torquemada Rathbun himself. Delusion par excellence!

Crazy as he is, even Rathbun himself would have to admit, if only on a glib, disassociated level, that he’s engaged on a Black PR campaign.

But how delusional is Marty? For starters, he believes he became the “World’s Best Auditor” by passing his hand over the Technical Volumes. No internship, no Qual’ing. He didn’t even need to turn the folders over to a C/S for 30 sessions, he was that “good.” He pontificates that with a simple acknowledgment, he was able to handle a “pc’s” decades of bypassed charge that other auditors could never handle. Took 3 seconds. Marty’s a total friggin’ rock star from Mars.  (That’s his delusion. The reality – he’s a walking, breathing Technical Degrade.)

And Marty Rathbun has spread his Technical Degrades into the media as well, as part of his Black PR forms of justification of his magnitudinous overts. Not only does he directly degrade Scientology and LRH with the media, he celebrates any hatchet job that he and his clones (i.e. Mike Rinder, Amy Scobee, Tom DeVocht, etc.) attempt. They’re “getting the word out” as far as Marty is concerned.

And this feeds Marty’s delusions about being the King of the “indies.” And it doesn’t even put a dent in his delusions that he’s “standard” and a “Scientologist.”

How did Marty devolve into Delusion as a means of trying to survive? Here is what LRH says:

“Dub-in or delusion occurs after a serious overt which probably traces back to an original evil purpose.  This sounds very simple but it is actually quite important.  It means that a person, when he has committed a serious overt and is withholding it then begins to justify not just his own actions but the past with false recall and experience.  It means that he actually believes and remembers false events and experience.”

I’m just breaking the ice here; there are unfortunately, nearly endless examples of Marty’s attempts to cover up his own overts and evil purposes with justifications.

Fortunately, I’m here to help point them out for Marty Rathbun, and anyone else who hasn’t spotted him yet for what he is, and what he’s trying to do.