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Ideal Orgs

Marcus Brutus Rathbun hates Ideal Orgs, and never misses an opportunity to rail against them. His main argument is to state that it is off-Policy and not something LRH wanted. (The actual truth is that Marcus Brutus hates orgs altogether and wants them closed down forever, in favor of his ‘Independent’ movement.) “… Hubbard so [Continue]

Mark Rathbun dustes off and re-presents Tom Felts

Mark Rathbun seems to be running a bit low on people stepping forward to join his independent network. His latest addition is a person who has been declared for coming up on 2 years and is a known associate of the hate group anonymous. Usually Mark Marty Marcus Brutus Rathbun doesn’t support this type of [Continue]

Story of a Criminal Mind

“The criminal accuses others of things which he himself is doing.” LRH Isn’t it typical that Marcus Brutus is once again yapping about the Church using ‘disconnection’, when in fact that is exactly what Marcus Brutus is himself doing – in the very article in which he accuses the Church. Look at the facts – [Continue]

Martin Padfield – Whose Loss?

Martin Padfield – Whose Loss?

I knew Martin Padfield when he was at Int, and I must say I quite liked him. He was an outgoing and inquisitive person and generally fun to be around. Found him bit of a flirt though. I am genuinely saddened that he has chosen to go down the path of turning his back on [Continue]

The Way to Happiness for Mark “Marty” Rathbun

Once again I am amazed that Marty Rathbun uses LRH data in an attempt to point a finger, while seemingly oblivious to the fact that the finger is pointing at him. His essay titled “Happiness” is worthy of some dissection, simply to illustrate a point. Rathbun Paragraph 1: “A lot of the repeated comments on [Continue]

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