Don’t Touch This, Marty Rathbun

Marty Rathbun Mugshot

You may be getting tired of hearing it, but Marty Rathbun has scored yet another embarrassing legal loss. Frankly, I don’t get tired of reporting it. Rathbun has a long history of pretended legal competence that shatters each time you look at his false “products”.

The 9th Circuit Court issued yet another resounding defeat for the legal genius Marty Rathbun, deciding against the Headleys in their Rathbun-inspired claims against the Church and the Sea Organization and the notion that their labor was “forced.” In fact, 3 of the judges found that the Headleys failed to show that they were forced into anything. In other words, the whole thing was just as bogus as Marty’s other claims about the Church.

This follows an earlier loss for the same Rathbun front-men that I wrote about nearly two years ago in Marty Rathbun & the Headley Labor Cases.

I can’t say any of this is surprising, because it fits Rathbun’s pattern as a legal “authority”: he knows enough of the lingo to sound like he knows what he’s doing, but stacks up decades of failures at crunch time and manages to get others to front for him and take the heat.

While he may be able to get his lies published in porn rags and other publications, Rathbun just can’t seem to make a single one count when it comes to providing actual evidence.

Fortunately, courts don’t recognize fantasies, delusions, or manufactured stories as evidence. These only gain traction with tabloid journalists and other misinformed individuals.

Which is, after all, Rathbun’s real audience.

Although Marty Rathbun now tries to cover up this legal failure by blaming it all on the Headley’s attorneys, it was Rathbun who provided the Headleys with a declaration in the case in full support of their provenly false claims that helped push the case into a fatal loss and a precedent for the Church. At the time Rathbun made the declaration, he was so wound up over his flip flop from being a Scientology supporter to a treasonous back-stabber that he abruptly went out, got drunk and got himself thrown in jail for disorderly conduct.