Marc Headley Scams Media and Online Buddies

When Marc and Claire Headley lost their labor claim against the Church of Scientology they were ordered by the court to pay over $40,000 to the church for its costs.

Headley thought he could get millions of dollars from the Church but instead had his head handed to him by the court who could see through the lies and misrepresentations he and his wife tried to present as facts.

When it came time to cut the check, Marc Headley cried poor, claiming that he and his wife were forced to deplete their life savings, sell Marc’s work van, and even their kids’ swing set.

In a highly disingenuous effort to play on the public’s heartstrings, Marc and Claire Headley have made an online appeal for help paying the $40,000-plus judgment – promoting it through well known anti-Scientology media outlets who can be counted on to spin this thing so that the Headleys look like victims of the very people the court just penalized them for lying about.

But are the Headleys really as broke as they claim? Or is this merely another scam to try and cut their losses from the previous failed scam – which, as it turns out, was not their first.

Not long after they left their Church staff positions, Marc and Claire Headley moved into a condo complex in Lees Summit, Missouri, where Marc Headley got into a scuffle with building security for not obeying the pool rules – the kind of silly altercation that the average person would just walk away from. But not Marc Headley. When the Headleys saw the opportunity to make a buck off the incident, it seems they went for it wholeheartedly.  Marc Headley bragged about it to a close friend. It went like this:

One evening, Marc Headley asked this friend if she wanted to know how he got his jet ski.  He explained that he had been staying at a condo and was in the pool past closing time. After refusing to cooperate with the private security guard, Headley was arrested. A woman came to the pool and also got into it with the security guard and got arrested and handcuffed by the guard.  She turned around and sued the security company. Marc Hadley was then contacted by her lawyer who told him that he ought to sue too because the lawyer could get Marc some money. Marc did so and got a settlement of $15,000 which he then used to buy his jet ski.  Claire testified for the woman to help her win her case as well.

An interesting side note to all of this is that, as part of the above suit, Claire made the following written statement to the management of the condo complex:

“…let me make it clear that in 15 years of apartment residence in California NEVER have my husband or I been subjected to such physical abuse, harassment or treatment as we received at the hands of your ‘Security’ – where we were physically held, handcuffed and treated like common criminals.”

Claire testified in a deposition to the same effect:

“we’ve been residents of apartments in California for 15 years, and we have never had anything remotely like this occur.”

The 15 years that Claire Headley is referring to is her 15 years as a Church staffer while living in Church berthing. Yet, years later, in their bogus labor claim against the church, the Headleys claimed that she was treated quite the opposite during her time on staff, again because they thought they could make money.

Headley told another friend that, around this same time period [2006] he was approached by the media and others who were interested in learning “insider information” about the Church, Scientology, or Scientologists, but that he did not know the answers to the questions posed to him.  So, he confessed to his friend, “he guesses based on clues he has from his experiences or simply makes up ‘facts’ that sound believeable.”

“Marc told me that he sometimes takes things that occurred at [the Church] out of context and makes them seem like something they were not, so that he could continue to be regarded as a knowledgeable and credible source of information to the media and on the Internet.  He also told me that he has been paid money on a number of occasions for what he told members of the media.”

In fact, Marc Headley was paid $10,000 by the now defunct “News of the World”, and roughly $5,000 to $10,000 per article for a series of ten articles for the tabloid “Life & Style.”

And Headley has told so many different versions of these fabrications, each time seeking to make himself sound more important, that he can’t keep track of his lies.

In his self-published book Marc Headley stated that he was not involved in a supposed audition at a church production facility where a celebrity was involved, and had no first-hand knowledge of it.

In a Dateline show he says he videotaped it.

In the most recent version of the story Marc Headley claims that he was the head of the studio and oversaw the interview.

It is obvious that when it comes to making a fast buck Headley is willing to say whatever is convenient to his wallet.

But sources tell us quite a different story about the Headley’s current financial status than the “sob” story they are pushing online in their bid for donations to their so-called legal defense fund (how they can still be defending themselves when the case is over is beyond me, but…)

First, you should know that the Headleys own a lovely two-story Cape Cod home in Colorado which they purchased after settling yet another threatened lawsuit, against Marc Headley’s long-time business partner, Stefan Castle (Headley v Castle )

Apparently Castle was tired of Headley not pulling his weight in the company they started together back in 2006 and wanted to go his separate way. Headley began claiming that he was owed hundreds of thousands of dollars by the company and, at the expense of their friendship, Headley even filed a lawsuit against Castle, which was quietly settled, with Castle reportedly paying Headley $50,000 to make him go away.  Headley took the money and made a down payment on a house in Castle Rock, CO, where he currently lives.

Now I have learned that, far from being broke, Marc Headley spent an estimated $10,000 of that donation money to pay for the re-roofing of his brand new home. The roofing job was ongoing while Headley was bagging for donations to his online buddies

Then there is the matter of the work van he supposedly sacrificed.  Below is picture of the new van Headley just purchased with the donation money he collected. Besides being deceitful to collect funds for one thing and then use them for another to save your own skin, we wonder what the tax implications are.

Marc Headley New Van

Marc Headley New Van

Marc Headley roof workers

Roof Workers at the Headleys


Marc Headly Roof

Roof Work at the Headleys


Marc Headley Roof Work

Marc Headley Roof Work