A New Look at Study Tech, by Mardy Rathbun

What's the meaning of Sawth?By Mardy Rathbun

I am writing this article for the benefit of the newbies among you who may not recall my article from 2009 in which I explained how it was that I became a Grand Wizard of the tech.

I am also addressing the few of you who seem to think that you have some right to challenge my right to challenge LRH as explained in my recent article, Keeping Scientology Working the LRH Way.

In a few words, the story is this.   A few days after Scientology got religious recognition from the IRS, I blew the Sea Org.  It was Miscavige’s fault that I blew, and by that I mean that I blew because of his overts.   He committed so many overts I felt I had no option but to blow. (Why am I preaching to the choir – you all blew because of his overts too didn’t you?)

Miscavige was pissed off and wanted to commit more overts on me and so he came after me and said that if I came back he would punish me by sending me to the Ship for two years to train full time and get auditing full time.

Well I had no choice, so he sent me there along with two highly trained tech people who would audit me and supervise my training.

It was incredible.  It took me the full two years to train to Class V, but that was not because I was a bad student.  On the contrary, I was the best student they ever had.  To quote my earlier article, “Because no one on the ship had any idea I had blown, nobody fooled with me on study. It was just me and LRH as far as I was concerned. I absorbed it intensively because it was the opportunity I fought for twelve years to obtain. I never once in almost two years of study doped off.” See what I mean?

What took the time is that instead of doing the checksheets, I insisted on reading every issue on a particular subject and listening to every tape as well. That wasn’t a ser fac, honest.   So by the end of the day, although I was a Class V if you only go by the checksheets, in reality I was a fully apprenticed Class 8.

Now I have often wondered why it was that I came to rise above the tech, and become not just the best auditor that there has ever been, but also the best translator of LRH’s works into English.  Yesterday it struck me like a thunderbolt!

The problem with the Church is that they try to get people to UNDERSTAND the tech.  That is why Miscavige put out the Basics, and the Golden Age of Tech.  For them it is all about UNDERSTANDING.  Conceptual Understanding.

Need I tell you – he got the Wrong Why.  He fell headlong into the trap that LRH had laid to expose people like him.

Well, I have never fallen into the trap of trying to understand anything.  That is what makes me so special.  That is why after my training I was instantly an Adept, and why after just a few hours of application, I elevated through Guru and on to Wizard, Grand Wizard, Grand Master and finally Lord of all Tech.

It has to do with UNDERSTANDING.

Let’s clear that word up.  It is a composite made up of two words.  Under, plus standing.

Under means, “Below, Underneath, South of (or Sawth).”

Standing is a real tricky one as it has two meanings that have to be taken in harmony.  It means, “Position, Status or Reputation,” and it also means being “Upright.”

Put them together and what you have with UNDERSTANDING is someone who is below the status or position of that which he is upright on.

So, if for example you were to read an HCOB and UNDERSTAND it, then you would be standing below the bulletin that you were studying.  In other words that bulletin would be senior to you (or Nawth), and if you ran into it in a practical sense or social situation, you would call it, “Sir!” on account of its seniority.

The difference with me is that I never tried to understand anything, so I have never been under anything, especially not if I was standing on it.

Rather, what I have done when studying was to be on top.  In other words, I don’t go for understanding – I go for uberstanding.  That means I stand on top of the thing I am studying, as that gives a good viewpoint from which to look at it.  I am senior to the data.

I hope you really get this point.  It is a technical Why that will liberate you, just like it liberated me.  If you understand an LRH datum it is senior to you, and therefore you will be the effect of it.

Example:  If you understand the overt-motivator sequence you will become the effect of it.

However, If you uberstand it, you are senior to it, and can then treat it like you treat any junior.

And that there is the real secret of my success and ability.  I UBERSTAND things.  That is how I can commit overts as often as I like with no consequences.  I am senior to that mechanism.  I can just decide that it doesn’t exist.  Or, I can just decide that it only affects people like Haydn James (he is having a terrible time on all dynamics ever since I gypsy cursed him and put him effect of the mechanism on account of his fantasizing about Christie).

Uberstanding is why I am able to clarify the tech for the not-quite-bright among you, and that is why I don’t actually need an e-meter to audit.  I uberstand the pc.

It’s like a doctor.  Some people think a doctor should have a stethoscope and feel reassured that if he does that the doctor is going to listen to what is going on, and knows what he is doing.  As we all know, that is nonsense.  A doctor already knows what is wrong with the patient, doesn’t have to listen to a thing and has no clue what he is doing.  All a doctor needs is a needle, some drugs with a good kickback in it, and a good aim to make sure of hitting the patient in the ass.

A stethoscope is only for show, just like a meter is.  It’s just part of the beingness, that’s all it is really useful for in modern auditing.

Well anyway, there it is.  When you study any LRH tech do not fall into the evil Hubbard/Scientology/Miscavige trap and try undersand what you are studying.  Instead, stand on it, look down and uberstand it.

You will never look back, forward, up, down again.

Remember, you owe me for this gem.

Happy fishing