Marty Rathbun turns his clients into religious haters

One of the posters on this blog put together a list of clients that Marty Rathbun has screwed up since starting his squirrel practice. I got to thinking about this and after reviewing some names on the list and comparing it to other tips that have been sent to this blog, I realized the basis of Marty’s operation.  His practices are designed to turn his clients into religious haters.

This must be a huge area of withholds for Rathbun since he is violating every LRH rule in the book concerning standard tech and because he knows that he is damaging these people by altering the tech and as a result he is intentionally turning them against Scientology and LRH.

I am republishing the list of examples of Marty’s handiwork as an article and have taken the liberty to add some other information that I have learned from people who left  Marty Rathbun’s Shack.

Jason Beghe

One of the first clients that Marty “audited” was Jason Beghe.  I heard that Rathbun was the last persons to audit Jason before Jason blew Scientology, attacked LRH and the tech.  Though he denies it now, Jason joined forces with Anonymous to harass the Church at different locations including being flown to Germany to give anti-Scientology testimony before a staged event put on by a known Scientology hater, Ursula Caberta.

Jason Beghe’s video appearance attacking Scientology (the one where he said the F word about a 100 times) showed him to act like a psycho.  But even after this, both Marty and another squirrel, Pierre Ethier, gave Jason squirrel “auditing” and for a time both were blaming the other for messing him up.

But it was after Marty Rathbun’s off-beat practices on him that Jason really blew a gasket and in a fit of rage, physically attacked and beat up a process server.  The incident occurred around April 21, 2009, just days after Jason Beghe had flown to Denver as part of Rathbun’s posse, to restrain Mike Rinder from meeting with representatives of the Church.  The criminal case should go to trial after the first of the year.

You can see the charge for battery on an officer and emergency personnel, brought against Beghe here:

Jason Beghe criminal case

Although Beghe has made his anti-Scientology hate well known, when Marty Rathbun ended up in an orange jump suit and behind bars this past summer, he called on his best buddy Jason Beghe, the man who told the German Government that LRH was on a par with the Nazis.  When Marty needed someone to harbor a thief and wife beater, who did he call on?  You got it – Jason Beghe.

Mike Laws

Mike Laws is in a similar position as Jason Beghe.  My source tells me that one of the last people who audited Laws was Marty Rathbun.  Granted that for years Laws was scamming Scientologists out of money for his failed business enterprises, he was best known for conducting a secret extramarital affair and lying about it.  After Laws blew himself off Church lines due to his unethical behavior, he later said that he went to his doctor and asked for an anti-depressant which was “phenomenally life changing” but in the next breath says, “It didn’t really help me, but it absolutely did not harm me.”  Well it sounds like you’re pretty screwed up if something is phenomenally life changing but didn’t help you.  Laws then went to Marty who practiced his squirrel techniques on him.  Laws has has since been funding Rathbun’s attacks against Scientology.

Matt Argall

We heard that Marty also used his squirrel practices with Matt Argall very early on.  For sure Argall gave Marty money for the purpose of attacking the Church.  Since connecting up with Marty, Argall has become an anti-Scientology hater and is leading a very out-ethics life style by any standards. He’s into drugs, prostitutes (he is married) and has been involved in a string of sleazy telemarketing companies which shut down when they start running afoul of the law.

Haydn James

Another of Marty Rathbun’s failed clients is Haydn James. He got squirrel “auditing ” by Marty and right after that he ended up falling in love with Christie Collbran, who also got squirrel “auditing” from Marty. The problem was that Haydn was still married to Lucy and Christie was still married to Chris Collbran but was starting a relationship with Mike Rinder at the same time.  Haydn hasn’t been able to find and hold a job since his squirrel “auditing” from Marty over a year ago.

Mareka Johnson

Then there was Mareka Johnson aka Mareka James who received a intensive squirrel “auditing” from Marty. I think you’ve probably seen other posters comment about the out-2D relationships she has had since her “auditing” with Marty. I can think of at least five guys since she received the botched up squirrel “HRD” by Marty.

Samantha Domingo

Next was Sam Domingo who is smoking pot (habitually). Another client that Marty was advising was Chrissie Pearlman now Weightman who was given the approval by Marty to continue “auditing” on VII without any C/S. She of course altered the procedure, “audited” herself over out-ethics and withholds, spun herself in and is not a Scientologist anymore. She also went back to smoking pot.

I know another one of Marty’s client who I won’t mention the name of as she is a friend, but she completely crashed and burned after the auditing from Marty.

Silvia Kusada Malatesta and John Brousseau

Silvia Kusada was also one of Marty’s clients who received botched up squirrel “auditing” from Marty.  She is now living in Italy with her father (Ennio Malatesta), who caused much trouble for Scientology and Scientologists. Malatesta was a deprogrammer who associated with Ted Patrick, the father of deprogramming.  He was involved in a kidnapping of a Scientologist in Italy. Silvia has gone to other squirrels for auditing after Marty. She tried to start a relationship with John Brousseau before she blew back to Italy. She seems to be taking up the anti-Scientology crusading started by her father.  I suppose she wants whatever money she can get from him since she blew the United States completely broke according to reliable sources.

Tiziano Lugli

Tiziano Lugli and Jamie Sorrentini also got squirrel, off-beat “auditing” from Marty. I know some of the women who have had relationships with Tiziano and one by one they stated that he is a gold digger. He is fixated on weird practices with women. He has a history of going after women with money and dumping them when there was nothing else to squeeze. Since Marty is getting paid by Tiziano (with Jamie’s money), I am sure he has done nothing to put Tiziano’s ethics in.

Jonathan Burke

The man who tried to start the “standard tech academy” through the Internet, Jonathan Burke, also got “auditing” from Marty. He’s totally a squirrel. He also has a string of debts he has run out on.

The word from our Mexican supporters is that there’s a couple of Mexican girls that Marty Rathbun has “audited”, as well as some ex-SO members who all seem to be just motivating and not doing well, but I don’t have the information about them.  As soon as I do, it will be published here.