Marty the Hard Man

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Debrah before meeting OTDT

I’ve told you and told you and told you that Marty Rathbun is seriously screwed up, and it bears repeating.

For a while I have been thinking he must be taking drugs to assist in his hallucinations, and a spy recently gave me evidence that corroborated my suspicions.   Marty IS on drugs.

The Hard Man has a Viagra prescription.

I don’t think it is doing much for his libido as Mosey, I am informed, isn’t satisfied, and it doesn’t take much to please that woman.  Plus, we know for a fact from our spies that Lori, Vanna and the Alien all left the Shack unshagged and disappointed with the level of ‘care’ shown to them by Marty.

No.  I think the Viagra is going to his head and is making his brain cell stand on end.

You see, the other day Marty and Mike and Steve Hall put this checklist together to teach people how to determine if someone was a Church spy.  The checklist was hilarious – so much so that Joe did a parody of it on our blog.

Even funnier than that though was Marty’s follow up posting to his Church Spy one.  Marty’s checklist had scared the shit out of his readers who were all scurrying about trying to find out if they were suspects or spies, and neglecting their comment writing.

To handle the situation he had created, Marty advised his credulous audience that the real way to spot a spy is to look for 1.1s.

Well, if he confused them with his checklist, what the hell does he think telling them to spot 1.1s is going to do to them?  That is like telling a squirrel that anything that looks like a rat with a bushy tail is an enemy.    Good Job Marty!  Good thinking to put a rat amongst the squirrels.

Marty makes out that he is so high toned that he can spot anyone’s tone instantly, which begs the question of why he so regularly kisses the ass of posters called OTDT and Deep Fax.

Marty is infatuated with OTDT and Deep Fax.  For someone who hardly ever graces his blog in the comments section, Marty’s over the top in sucking up to OTDT and Deep Fax.  He kisses their ass.   So much so that all his regulars also fawn at any comments they make.

OTDT and Deep Fax are vital to Marty.  So vital that one of the traits he assigned to a Church Spy is that they will attempt to discover these identities.

According to Marty OTDT and Deep Fax have a line into COB’s office, and leak true data

Here are just a few of Marty’s responses to comments by OTDT.


Sorry to hear about your experience. But, damn you survived and look at you now.


OTDT, I would like to indicate that you yourself just transcended time and are one (at least) step ahead of me. Your issue here is so prescient. Wait till you see his actual words when I get an hour or two uninterrupted to present part II in this series. You may be the only person here that is NOT surprised.


OTDT, hilarious as usual – but only a slight exaggeration of current sop.


Keep at it and soon you’ll be in contention with OTDT for an Indy Pulitzer.


OTDT, my hat is off to you once again.


OTDT, you are right on the money.


OTDT, I’d like to make love to you.


I am appending this to the post so that it catches the attention of whatever percentage of visitors do not read comments. Thanks OTDT.


OTDT, Talk about duplication and understanding. Pass on that, with flying colors.


Dude, I hope you are coming to Indies Day.


OK.  That is what is called ass kissing in anyone’s book.

The question now is, why does Marty kiss OTDT’s ass?

There are two possible answers:

1.     The Viagra is in fact affecting Marty’s tongue, which has in turn directed Marty’s attention unit at the biggest asshole it can find, or

2.     From where Marty is at, 1.1 is way up the Tone Scale and DBs look like OTs.

My Favorite Mug Shot - I

OTDT is Deep Fax.  Same person.  His name is Donald Tolan.

Donald James Tolan is a Degraded Being.

Here is his mug shot after his arrest for beating up his girlfriend – who incidentally was supporting this loser at the time he battered her.

Tolan has never been at Int and has never had contact with COB…   Instead he claims that he can project himself to the base to see what is happening.  This from a man who says, “There is no such thing as OT,” and “There has never been an OT, ever.”   Well, Tolan sure isn’t one.

Donald Tolan has not been on service lines in 20 years after being kicked out of the Church for his low ethics level and refusal to straighten himself out.

A quick read of Tolan’s comments shows him to be extremely anti LRH, to never have grasped anything about Scientology, and to have undue fixation on the second dynamic and homosexuality.

Perhaps this is why Marty cannot withhold his outright admiration for Tolan – Marty also being anti LRH, having failed to understand Scientology and also having undue fixated attention and relentless accusations about others being gay.  Plus they are both well acquainted with the inside of a jailhouse, and both use drugs.

More data on Tolan will be posted in due course – if I could be bothered giving airtime to this low life loser.   Do I really need to give you the details of his drug abuse and reversion, the sordidness of his 2D aberrations, the thefts and callous embezzlements, the people he has trodden all over to make a quick buck, or the details on why he dumped his wife of 33 years?

I call him a degraded being, not as an insult, but as an accurate description.  You just need to look at his picture to know everything you need to know about him.  And look at the picture of Debrah after he was was “OT” at her.

Debrah Now - "The Bitch Disagreed With Me"

Let’s ask again why Marty Rathbun worships this degraded being, and endorses him.

Can Marty really spot Tone Levels?  Can Marty really spot the truth?  Can Marty spot an outpoint at all?

Is it the drugs or is Marty Rathbun so far down the Tone Scale that he has totally lost the plot?  Can one trust anything Marty endorses?