Mark Rathbun

mach-i-na-tion (mak’i’nation) n.   A crafty scheme or cunning design for the accomplishment of a sinister end.

Mark Rathbun aka Marty Rathbun says he loves the Tech and he loves LRH, and all he is trying to do is get rid of COB. He is hell-bent on that attack and is super-extreme about it. As far as he is concerned COB has never done anything right in the 25 or so years he has been at the helm – in fact Rathbun claims that COB has been trying to destroy the Church for 25 years.

That this is nuts is easy for any sane individual to see, and especially anyone who has ever met COB. I have been in the SO at Int and seen COB operating. I assure you that if it was his intention to destroy the Church, he would have accomplished that many years ago.

Marty Rathbun attacks everything COB has done, and negates it. He attacks COB on the 1st Dynamic, 2nd Dynamic, 3rd Dynamic, 4th Dynamic and the rest. There is not one single thing he has ever done right as far as Rathbun is concerned, and that is why he works so hard to drive a knife into his back.

Publicly Marty Rathbun claims to have no ulterior motive and no plan

Could this possibly be true? For years in the Sea Org, it was Mark Rathbun that developed and oversaw the Legal and PR strategies of the Church. He loves strategy, planning and execution.

Obviously Mark Rathbun has a plan. Some of his followers seem to have the idea that he is going to oust COB and take that post over himself – or some high ranking post. But after what he has done and said about the Church, it’s obvious he is not coming back. He has been forgiven after blowing twice before, but this time he’s gone just a little too far to ever be welcomed back with open arms.

If he is not coming back into the Church then he is obviously planning to stay out there. As often as not Mark Rathbun is featured in his canoe, paddling around with his dog. The photos on his site, his welcome page, all say that he likes fishing, the outdoor life, the easy life. He even says the last time he blew it was because he wanted a beer. Marcus is making it clear that he likes the good life.

How does he continue with the good life, and yet support his girlfriend and his dog, which takes money?

Sure he can offer auditing to his band of disaffecteds and hope that they pay him enough to make it worthwhile. But a lot of squirrels have tried that and they all fail.

Marty Rathbun does have a plan – and the plan is this. Create as much noise, distraction and enturbulation as possible on public and Church lines, utilizing all channels and mediums possible, and continue this until the Church offers to settle.

This is an old strategy used in every war and by every general.

What happens when he settles? Well he and his core guys will share the loot, and will silently disappear. They figure they will have won because they will have created an avalanche that can’t be stopped and which will keep the Church busy for years, and they can just walk away with the loot, ‘unable to stop the avalanche but not doing anything more to create it’.

So where does this really leave the Sherries, Mary Joes, Jacks and Martins that stood by his side and engaged the enemy? They will find themselves abandoned – on the battlefield and still fighting, but deserted by their general and his top Aides. Is it a battle they will win – no. Will they have to do their A-E to get back on lines – yes they will, and it will be a tough one.

Will this bother Mark Rathbun? Does he really seem like the kind of general that cares about how many casualties he sustains? People are just resources to him, and they are being used so that he can win the battle he has engaged in this time – a personal battle against COB.

As he sits on his yacht in the Bahamas sipping his martini with his Mosey and his dog by his side, will he give these people he used a second thought. Probably – just to lift a glass and say “Thanks guys – wear your SP declares with pride! You da’ guys!”

The sinister end Mark Rathbun and Mike Rinder are working towards is to leave Rome with fires raging everywhere, while they sneak off with the loot from the Treasury.

So my advice to anyone who thinks that there may be something wrong internally with the Church is this: –

1.  handle any disagreements using LRH policy, and

2.  never cross the line to the dark side.

If you are pressured to join the dark side by ‘friends’, tell them you are applying LRH Policy to handle anything you have disagreements with, because that is what he would have wanted.  That is why he wrote the Policies.  Advise them to do the same and to start cleaning up their act right now.

As just in closing, Mark Rathbun and Mike Rinder will never achieve the goals they are planning on.  So don’t worry that they will actually get rich.  Like most ‘get rich quick’ schemes, this too is doomed to failure.