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Marty Rathbun

Here's Marty Rathbun

History is packed with such people, Brutus, Judas, Benedict Arnold, etc, and no matter the age in which they existed they all had one thing in common – they turned on the very people who considered them friends, something Mark Rathbun’s current circle of “friends” should keep in mind.

Even though there are some of us who understand LRH’s philosophy of why one becomes an attacker of his friends, it does not change the fact that Marty Rathbun, will not stop until he is shown the error of his ways. He will one day realize that his “support” consists of nothing more than losers, stool pigeons, deserters and degraded beings whose only chance of being “somebody” is to attack something which is important.

And while some who are ignorant of his manipulative nature may even feel sorry for him, the truth is Mark Rathbun has chosen to follow in the fateful footsteps of the historic Marcus Brutus – the backstabber.

And we all know what happened to him….don’t we.