Real World V Mark Rathbun’s World

Mark Rathbun aka Marty Rathbun blew in 2004 for the 3rd and last time.  He has not been in a Church or on lines, or held a post in over 5 years.  And yet  he thinks he can speak with authority on the state of the orgs and internal workings of the Church.

In these pages we will look at some of the real facts and see how the Church of Scientology is actually doing.  I think you will see that the actual scene scene diverges hugely from that portrayed by Marty Rathbun.

It is not just that he hasn’t been near an org in years – Marcus Brutus is painting a picture he wants to believe is real.  It is the only way he can live with himself.  If he can convince others that it is real, he will have fully accomplished his goal – to alleviate his guilt and to  ‘prove’ that he was right.

The following excerpts are from the Chapter entitled Blow-Offs in the Ethics book.  It is one of the new Basic books, so grab it and read the chapter in full.  It lays things out perfectly – which is probably one reason Mark Rathbun rails against the Basics.

“We have the view of a person who has a good job, who probably won’t get a better one, suddenly deciding to leave, and going.  We have the view of a wife, with a perfectly good husband and family, up and leaving it all.  We see a husband, with a pretty and attractive wife, breaking up the affinity and departing.” …

“Man explained this to himself by saying that things were done to him which he would not tolerate and therefore he had to leave.” …


“That is the factual fact and the hardbound rule.  A man with a clean heart can’t be hurt.  The man or woman who must-must-must become a victim and depart is departing because of his or her own overts and withholds.  It doesn’t matter whether the person is departing from a town or a job or a session.  The cause is the same.

“Almost anyone, no matter his position, can remedy a situation, no matter what’s wrong, if he or she really wants to.  When the person no longer wants to remedy it, his own overt acts and withholds against the others involved in the situation have lowered his own ability to be responsible for it.  Therfore he or she does not remedy the situation.  Departure is the only apparent answer.”

“To justify the departure, the person blowing off dreams up things done to him in an effort to minimize the overt by degrading those it was done to.  The mechanisms involved are quite simple.”

Bear this in mind when you try to understand someone like Mark Rathbun, or Mike Rinder or any of their ilk.  Bear in mind too that Marcus Brutus was, for many years, second-in-command or very close to the top.  How come he didn’t remedy these things he says were wrong?  How come he, on the contrary, has been discovered to be an instigator of these abuses?