Marty Rathbun is the anti-Source. That is, the antithesis of on-Source. Anything Marty says about Scientology or LRH can routinely be found to be so altered, so perverted and so much the reverse of what LRH says that you can be sure of one thing: Marty is dead wrong.

Take, for example, his attempt to position LRH’s article, A New Hope for Justice published in Introduction to Scientology Ethics and HCO Policy Letter of 25 March 1979. In this essay, LRH speaks about:

The workability of Scientology Ethics Technology (You wouldn’t know it from reading Marty’s diatribes as Marty hasn’t applied an ethics condition formula this lifetime. What condition is he in? When he is committing Suppressive Acts that LRH says should never be done you have to wonder what condition he is in. Confusion would be a long way up for Rathbun.)

That society is rigged so that downstats creeps can attack upstats (Marty didn’t mention this one but that isn’t a surprise. He’s a downstat as measured by his “stats.” How many people is Marty helping? Not one person freed from drugs; the kingpin of a group of people who use drugs while claiming pure intentions; who practice all manner of infidelities and won’t get off their withholds, much less get on with their own lives. What stats?)

A commentary on the justice system in use today (Marty disagrees with LRH as he promotes the very justice systems LRH noted were not just and refuses—yes utterly avoids—the workable ecclesiastical justice system LRH developed for the Church. But that’s because Marty knows best and refuses to take responsibility for his conduct that resulted in his removal from a position of authority—years before he left the Church. Of course, Marty says that the why (or I should say) the “who” is someone else. But that’s because Marty disagrees with LRH on another point: FULL RESPONSIBILITY [Reference another book Marty won’t quote from: Advanced Procedures & Axioms]. Marty has yet to begin his amends project while committing more overt acts against the only group that ever attempted to help him personally. So his application of Ethics Technology is far from standard as he is apparently not capable of executing step one: cease committing present time overts so he can make a case gain.)

The LRH article Marty mis-quotes was—as is the wont of a squirrel—taken out of context and interpreted through his small mind. What Marty failed to print says it all, as LRH ends with:

“Tolerance, mercy, understanding and the actual handling of the individual by decent and effective Ethics Technology is a new hope for justice.

“You cannot bestialize every man and expect any benefit to accrue to the society at large, even though this is what the contemporary justice systems are trying to do (which is of course its own brand of insanity).

“We must safeguard against unjust practices and make haste to remedy all injustices. We must be accordingly committed or we will never make it.

“Meanwhile, we must cope with the social morass in which we find ourselves and rise above it. For, factually, these generations have no hope, either as individuals or society, unless we do make it.”LRH

Marty is reminded that there is a hope for him: it is called redemption. See his program in Defrocked Apostates: The Road to Redemption: Freedommag.org/special-reports/sources/defrocked-apostates-the-road-to-redemption.html. When will Marty come to his senses and apply LRH tech instead of squirreling the tech in an effort to justify his overts?

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