All Paine, No Gain


How boring!  Once again, Thomas Paine is  quoted and referred to by the “independents” as the inspiration behind what they are doing in attacking Scientology.

As most people know, Thomas Paine wrote “Common Sense,” which essentially analysed the relationship between the American colonies and England and determined that the best way forward was independence.  His conclusions were a large factor in the 4th of July 1776 Declaration of Independence from England.

This is why, for example, the squirrels will have their annual party on the 4th of July.  It somehow makes them feel they are part of a noble cause, rather than a simple gathering of SPs and squirrels, gathered together for a mutual natter session and the other benefits of not being constrained by any moral codes – getting drunk, taking drugs and out-2D.

In the past I have written about Marty’s obsession with quoting Martin Luther King, Ghandi, Luther and other famous Martyrs.  Marty sees his suppressive campaign against the Church as somehow being the same as the causes those brave people died for.   His use of their names shows his utter disrespect for them, as clearly laid out in this article.   Read it at

In drawing parallels with the historical figure of Paine, Rathbun is doing exactly the same thing.  He is trying to use great people and their reputations and their courage, to forward his own suppressive agenda.

Rathbun is trying to make people collapse the truth of the current situation into the facts of a different time and different situation.   In other words, he is employing the bank mechanism of A=A=A to confound people.

All these non LRH quotes and “parallels” from history sound great until you look at the actual facts of the situation to hand – at which point the squirrel agenda becomes transparent.

Marty and his squirrels are not being discriminated against because of the color of their skin, their nationality, their physical attributes or in fact anything at all.

They have been ejected from and shunned by the Church of Scientology because they refuse to abide by the scriptures of Scientology.

Scientology is all about applying LRH tech across the dynamics.  LRH laid out, in tens of thousands of pages, how to apply the tech, and what structures were to be in place to do that.  And that is what Scientology is.

LRH also laid out the ethics codes by which Scientologists are to abide, and these include the Suppressive Acts or High Crimes.  Scientologists who commit these are to be declared, which means they are ejected from the group and no longer afforded the benefits of membership of the group.

And that is why the SPs and squirrels scream so loud.  They don’t want to be isolated from the group.  They want to be allowed free access to the communication channels of the group so they can spread their venom.  They want the organism of the Church to make all of its arteries and veins available so they can inject their lies and treason into them.  Of course they do.  They are SPs.

Marty’s continual attempts to liken his agenda to that of Thomas Paine is a joke – pure and simple.  The analogy was all started by a guy called Haydn James, who posted under the handle of Thomas Paine,

Haydn James is a petty criminal who has a well-documented history of extreme violence against women, outright theft, using organizations for personal gain, and gross violations of Tech and Policy.  Haydn is psychotic and a declared SP, and rightly so.  The irony of a criminal like that writing as Thomas Paine is naturally lost on Marty and his Sirens.

If Marty wants to draw bizarre parallels, and compare the religion Scientology with the nation of America, then he should look to more recent history.

What would America do if former American ally Bin Laden went nuts, infiltrated the country, and, citing God as his authority, committed massive atrocities and High Crimes in the cause of, “Bringing down a suppressive regime?”

We know exactly what America would do, and as we all know, that included nothing about listening to his explanations of how his acts were justified, how he is a good guy really, how God came to him in the night and whispered in his ear.

Marty and his followers have, each and every one of them, committed many suppressive acts apiece and continue to do so daily.  Per policy they are excluded from, and shunned by, the group.  If they want to re-enter the group they can follow the procedures that allow that – procedures they knew of before they decided to commit daily suppressive acts against the Church.

Just because Marty cites LRH every now and again (and always out of context) does not make him a Scientologist, or make him right.

Today’s post by Marty is a case in point.  He addresses two on-purpose Scientologists and urges them to look at the “facts,” and disaffect with the Church.

And where are these people advised to go get the “facts”?   From Marty of course.

So now, let’s realize that part of our understanding when we are engaged in secondhand observation – which is to say study on a via or something…we are engaged upon this – then our understanding must include an evaluation of the reliability of the information we are being given.  You follow that?  Our understanding must include the understanding of whether this is good dope or bad dope, whether this is straight data or this is data with a curve.  In other words, we have to be capable of evaluating the truth of the relayed observation.

How very apt Marty.  The problem you have is that real Scientologists see straight through your bullshit.