Marty Rathbun’s Methods of Manipulation


NOTE:  This is an email I received in response to our new page.  It is pretty self explanatory.

Hi Joe,

I saw the new page you said you were going to put up about sockpuppets, and it reminded me of a conversation I had with Marty pretty early on – maybe the second meeting – in which he hatted me up on how to comment on his blog.

Maybe it was the third meeting.  It was quite late in the day and the evening was drawing in.  It was at the second Shack and we were going to have a BBQ which Mosey was supposedly doing, except that Marty did everything while she just precooked some corn and potatoes.

It’s not relevant, but just the memory of it makes me shiver.  It was on that concrete platform that was outside his office and near the water and real close by was this metal table thing they had which they gutted the fish on.   Just the other side of that was the raised platform that made the upper deck where we would have breakfast and sit and chat mostly.  The bottom of that had these ropes for lifting the boat out and although there was no boat there, the whole area stank of rotten fish, and the smell was not helped by the sight of rusty metal and the slime encrusted poles and so on.

What were we having for dinner?  Fish!  It just felt and smelled wrong.  I am not squeamish, and I do not mind the smell of the sea.  But this was too strong and the hygiene debatable at best.  A strange setting for a conversation about how to change the universe.

Marty had been explaining how it was that he was going to take the Church down and he told me about a book that laid out how the Internet had changed everything and that from now on businesses would not have vertical org boards, but would be structured horizontally.  People would not have any bosses and no one would be in charge and there would not even be any posts as such.  People would just mutually cooperate with each other and naturally do what needed to be done and that is how organizations would run.  And how the Church should be organized.

I may have missed something on what he was saying as it made very little sense to me.  It sounded like some Kibbutz or communist farm and I really didn’t get it at all.   I still don’t.  (I looked for the title on his site but its not there now – and also The Shack is not there either which used to be a favorite of his.  It had “everybody” or “everyone” in the title – some massive generality.)

My questions made him explain how it got to that stage and he told me about a story in this book whereby a woman left her phone in a yellow cab, and then called the phone and got the person who had found it and asked for it back.   The girl who had the phone refused to give it back and called her some racist slurs and hung up.

Apparently the woman who lost the phone told a friend about this and the friend started a blog about it.  Millions of people started reading the blog and soon there were people who knew her also reading it and telling her to give it back. When she still wouldn’t, people then pressured the police to treat the phone, which was a lost phone, as a stolen phone, and then forced the police to arrest her.

Marty was all excited telling me about this.  According to him millions and millions of people read the blog.  They told their friends who told police friends of theirs and so on, and they started getting inside information from other policemen in other states and even within the NYPD on how to handle procedure and force the local police to change the report from “lost” to “stolen” and how to manage the police system to get the girl arrested.  Lots of newspapers also covered the story and they were also involved in making the police take action.

I didn’t really understand at first why millions of people would care about a phone that had been stolen, or why newspapers and the police would get involved, but it apparently escalated into this huge big deal that involved individuals, the police, the army (I’m sure he said that), the papers, City Officials and more.

It seems that it was all because of the injustice aspect of it.  It wasn’t the fact of a phone, or the value of the phone or anything like that.  It was because the girl refused to give it back and was being rude and racist, and it was all about correcting the injustice.

What really excited Marty about it was the way that the police had been forced to change their procedures and had been pressured into arresting the girl when they normally never would have done that.  He explained that this was how he was going to get David Miscaviage, and that was why he had started his blog.

Marty’s idea was to get loads of people making a huge fuss and talking, as that would attract the media and that in turn would attract the authorities who would be forced to act because millions of people were demanding it.  What he wanted to do was get the FBI involved, and the local police around the orgs, and get feedback from them on what to do and how to do it to get DM arrested.    That was his target.  Like the girl with the phone wanted the phone back.  Well, Marty’s target is to get even with DM.  You will see that Marty’s email address is How-does-it-feel.  It’s all about revenge and getting even with DM.

Marty explained that to make it work you had to have a specific target and it couldn’t be too wide.  Like you couldn’t “get the Church” as that was too general.  So the target was DM and only him.

Marty explained that all comm and all attacks had to be focused on DM.  Everything had to be made to point at him.

For example, if you find a promo piece (like the ones from LV Org) then you find something you don’t like about it and attack that and say that it is directly caused by DM.  Even if you know it was locally produced, you still connect it to DM.

That is also why you saw in that comment from Steve Hall in Chief Spy Catcher that he wouldn’t trust that Bruce guy because he refused to connect the dots of his dead son to DM having murdered him.

Steve Hall, Mike Rinder, Haydn James, Tom Martiniano, Dan Koon, Vanna, Karen and all the main guys know exactly that this is the strategy, and that is exactly what they do.  I know because we often discussed it and laughed about it.  If you read the stuff we wrote, you will see that it is all wild accusations in which we say whatever we need to join the dots and make DM responsible for everything.  It is hatting that every confirmed Indie gets, and most people just get forced into that way of writing and thinking, and you scan see how that happens if you read what Steve Hall wrote in that article.  They don’t trust you unless you attack DM.

That is why your sockpuppet page reminded me of this.  You see, we were all encouraged to write under many identities, and told to make sure that for each we used a different email address so that the avatar would be different.  There were some mistakes as you know and that is how some people were spotted.

We also were expected to post as much as possible to make the comments as  high as possible – that is why you see things like “+1” or  “You ‘da man” as comments.  They count as one comment and keep the figures looking good.

The comments figures are really important to Marty and to some guys.  When Karen came out, she personally acknowledged every single person who said anything so she would double the comments by just typing, “Thanks,” or “Love you too,” to loads of people.  It is pretty transparent if you know what you are looking at.

I am sure you know all this already, but I thought I would just bring it to your attention.

Even though he uses sockpuppets to make it look like loads more people are posting than really are, Marty will fail.

He will never generate the huge interest that is needed and he’ll fail because he has dirty hands and he is accusing DM of things that are false.   DM did not do a fraction of what he is accused of, and anyway, Marty and Mike and the rest did just as bad stuff or mostly worse stuff, themselves.

On the phone story, if the original girl who got the bog started was known to be a phone thief herself, or a bad person, then people would not have sympathized with her and chosen sides and pressured the police into action.  And the police would not have been so easy to pressure.

Anyway, I am glad to see that so much of the information I provided is being put to good use in the profiles.  Talk soon.

= = =

I did already know most of what is said here, but thought I would post her email to me for those who don’t understand the op.

The book talked about is Here Comes Everybody by Clay Shirley, and it is the book that Marty has modeled his attack on.

As Sig pointed out, if you want people to join your lynch mob you need more than a pack of howling coyotes – you need to have clean hands and you need to have a guilty target.

The Deputies, the Sherriff, the Judge and most people are not as easily swayed or manipulated as Marty would like to believe.

The sockpuppet page can be found in the headings above or accessed here.