Marty Rathbun and Yet More Implants

Dear me.  Joy Graysen has finally come out of the closet and admitted the fact that she is a squirrel and an SP.

It was soooo touching – it brought tears to my eyes.  When she first came in, Scientology was so wonderful and everything was so nice, and then over the years Scientology changed and became so nasty to her that she just had to leave.   I was soooo moved by what she wrote.  Not.

Squirrels are called squirrels because they are nuts – and this woman is nuts.  She doesn’t understand Scientology at all, even though she thinks she knows so much that she can sit in judgement of it.

She natters about the Basics.  She should have studied them instead.  Then she might have run across the LRH Essay – Is It Possible To Be Happy.

You remember when you were maybe five years old and you went out in the morning and you looked at the day – and it was a very, very beautiful day.  You looked at the flowers and they were very beautiful flowers.  Twenty-five years later, you get up in the morning, you take a look at the flowers – they are wilted.  The day isn’t a happy day.  Well, what’s changed?  You know they are the same flowers, it’s the same world.  Something must have changed.  Well, probably it was you.

Most Scientologists know that essay.  It’s the first chapter of A New Slant on Life.  She obviously doesn’t, and has no clue how one’s life can go from happiness to sadness; how her life could have gone from a life as Joy to a life as a bitter twisted SP.

Graysen.  Read the Essay, take some responsibility and get some Joy back into your life.

I could just leave it there, but there are some things you say in your ‘announcement’ that I simply do not get, and ask that you explain.

The first is this gem:

We were trying to have a baby at that time and had been waiting months for the right biological “window”. Michael had to CSW his course supervisor, Antonino, for permission to, as he put it,  “make a baby”. Luckily Antonino was from Italy or we might not have been granted “time off from course” for baby making! Although it is a funny story to tell, it is a poignant example of how the church controlled even the most intimate of moments in our lives.  We returned to L.A. with a bun, named Sky, in the oven. Yay.

Now Joy, I have been around a long time and I have never heard of anyone asking permission to take time off course to go “make babies.”  On the off chance that I missed something, I quickly surveyed 9 friends who are both Scientologists and mothers, and none of them ever even heard of such a thing.

What did you guys have to do that necessitated leaving course for an extended period in order to “make babies?”

Let me guess. It wasn’t just a biological window you needed.  Those come around monthly and you had been waiting months.  It must have also required a coincidental astrological/magical window.  You had to find a clearing in a forest with a full moon shining through the trees at midnight, stars twinkling in the sky, and a gingerbread and M&Ms house nearby; all the little birds and rabbits and mice from Disney’s Cinderella were flying and dancing and singing and prancing as they made up your four poster bed that had been magically created out of a pumpkin; and then all the baby deer and baby bears, an owl or two and other cute animals looked on as you put on your glass slipper and Michael got down to business?  Did they clap their hands, stamp their feet and wag their tails?  Was the seed sown as the magic clock struck midnight?

I just got it – that is why the baby was called Sky!  Because that is was you could see!  She could have also been called Moon, or Star, or Tree Branches.    But not Earth, or Grass, or Fallen Leaves, or Pumpkin Seeds – because you are a respectable girl and would never be that way up.

Perhaps it was nothing so aesthetic.  Maybe Michael had the same kind of problem that seems to run through most of the current squirrel men, and needed some major chemical intervention for erectile dysfunction.  There was no Viagra back then, so perhaps you guys had to go to Africa so he could hunt a Rhino, grind and eat the horn, and then do you in a tent where 20 nubile belly dancers gyrated while  singing the local version of,  “She’ll be coming when she comes” in the flickering firelight.

Nah.  Couldn’t have been that.  The baby would have been called Canvas or Tent Pole or Flaming Moth.

Maybe I’m being a little too romantic there Joy.  Maybe it’s as simple as Michael needed his seed extracted by a nurse who then impregnated you with a syringe.

I do hate mysteries, and after all, you are the one who brought it up as a major reason for having to leave the Church.  Please explain.  Why did you guys need to get time off to go and make babies?  Why couldn’t you do it like most other newly weds?

Honestly, this is a new one on me.  It is highly original and I will not rest until I understand what went on.  Plus, I am sure I am not the only one who has questions about it.

Do you think, Joy, that part of the reason you are perhaps so bitter now could be because for the last 20 years you have been continuing to make babies without a CSW?  With a married man behind his wife’s back, wrecking his family and yours?  Could that maybe have something to do with things? Just a little maybe?  Anything at all?

I know you think cheating and getting laid is pure Joy.  But really, as a Scientologist you would have known that behaviour like that is frowned upon.  Maybe you felt a little bad.  Maybe just a tiny twinge?

Your resignation letter is a waste of ink Joy.  You blame everyone but yourself for everything.  You accumulate reasons and incidents that explain to you why Scientology is so bad, and you are so noble and right.

Just re-read what you wrote:

“More and more I felt like I had to withhold myself from my so called friends. Not because I had  committed overts but because I felt a growing distance between my core beingness, my values, and these group members.   I started to notice an extreme lack of tolerance.”

It was your overts Joy.  They caused you to have Missed Withholds.  That is why you natter.  That is why you withdraw.  This is why you disaffect and notice that “others are intolerant.”  You should have studied occasionally in between your efforts to make more and more babies with different men.

“I observed an arrogance and a ‘holier than thou’ point of view towards anyone who was not a Scientologist. My “friends” would have a “no sympathy” attitude towards homeless people, homosexuals, as I mentioned, and really anything remotely liberal minded. I thought compassion and understanding were at the core of Scientology’s values.”

No, no, no Joy.   This is your missed withholds playing tricks with you again. Thousands of Scientologists go out and help at every major disaster around the planet.  Thousands of Scientologists help illiterate kids each day, work to get suppressive laws changed, work to get people off drugs, work to get people’s rights honored, including those of gay friends and homeless people. There is no lack of compassion within Scientology.  When was the last time you ever showed up and contributed and showed some real compassion or understanding?

No one had a holier than thou attitude.  The problem was you.  It’s not that you weren’t a Scientologist – it is that you weren’t behaving like one and you knew it.  That is why you thought they were judging you.  You think that people should feel sympathy for you and understand the reasons you have to behave as you do.

No Scientologist will ever give out-ethics creeps sympathy, compassion or understanding for being out-ethics – what they will do is try get them to clean up their act and gain some self respect back.

What you describe is text book missed withhold phenomena.  Everyone knows what you are.  You have now been rejected by the group because you have been leaching off Scientology for financial gain for years, and have only pretended to be a Scientologist.

“I felt that I had to “good roads, and good weather” my friends and family more and more. I was no longer free to just be myself and talk about things that were important to me because if I gave money or food to a homeless person, or if I had gay friends or if I believed that healthcare is vital for everybody, that I would be scorned.”

OMG!  How noble of you.  You honorable being!  Bring out the ukulele you have been playing since you were three and serenade yourself with a three part harmony – sniff, sob and boo hoo.

You think giving a homeless person a nickel makes you a philanthropist!  Your veneer is so thin it is transparent.  Pity your Daddy didn’t teach you anything about morals, being selfish, self-centred, ignoble or about skunks.

Listen up Graysen.  Scientology is here, better than ever and being discovered by more and more new people each day. All of them find in it what you first found in it.  It hasn’t changed at all except to get easier, faster and cheaper to do.  That you find it different, that you think others are judging you, tells everyone, including you, that you have sullied your life.

Find out for yourself what it was you did that caused you to lose your self-respect, and confront that.  Take some responsibility.  Stop the screwing around and committing continuous PT overts.   Study the tech, clear your MUs and make sure you get it this time.

These are some of the a-e steps Graysen.  Do them and you will be well on the way to putting the Joy back into your life.

You are wasting your time going the Marty route.  He deals in implants, and you have already gone through several sets of those and have the biggest you can safely sport.   It’s done nothing for you.

Remember the last time you had liposuction – the time they were trimming down your ass.  Well, the idiot surgeon didn’t realize that was where you lived and sucked most of your theta out.

What you need is an injection of theta.  You won’t get that from Marty.  Marty doesn’t deal in theta – plus he is decidedly kinky and you shouldn’t let him anywhere near your ass.

Get your attention off your body.

You need to go to the correct Source, and get some real theta, and become an actual Thetan.