Marty Rathbun: Believe Me, not Your Lying Eyes

“If the squirrels complain about a program, that’s the one to follow!” LRH

Unable to contain the awareness on the part of some of his personality cult members that the Church of Scientology does great works, Marty Rathbun once again has to reach hard to invalidate anything that actually helps people.

But from long exposure to his mean-spiritedness, we know that Rathbun will attack anything resembling reach on the part of Scientology. It clearly scares him to death.

So now, he’s trying to convince even his own choir that genuine help is bad, and that social betterment isn’t to be trusted.

“As any science which betters people gathers unto itself considerable numbers of people who can dramatize only how bad it is over there, we get a great deal of crank, squirrel, neurotic and psychotic communication flow… We call this an entheta line simply because people use Scientology to explain to others how bad it all is over there…We even have publications which pretend to be part of Dianetics and Scientology which couldn’t possibly print anything but bad news. That there is not one word of truth in all this news so far detected by the most searching inspection here, that these rumors and perjuries and falsehoods haven’t even the dignity of a background in fact, does not stay their passage.” LRH

Rathbun complains that non-Scientologists are happy to celebrate the Church’s good works and community outreaches, and tries to present it as an outpoint. If it were the other way around – if only Scientologists appeared in public touting our good works – Rathbun would present that as an outpoint, you can be sure. But this heads-I-win, tails-you-lose approach to criticism is nothing new for Rathbun or his lapdog Rinder; you can see it daily in their bitter whining from the sidelines.

Meanwhile, they produce nothing.

I won’t go into Marty Rathbun’s own perverse idea of PR Area Control, other than to mention that he actively supports Ortega’s despicable prostitution-advertising rag in order to get his ugly rants published. Rathbun ignores this of course, all the while hypocritically yearning for “advances” in “morality and the evolution of civilization as a whole.”

Meanwhile the Church continues to foster literacy programs, aid disaster victims, cure drug dependency, and even create what those non-Scientologists are calling a “miracle” in crime reduction using The Way to Happiness.

We keep an eye on Marty Rathbun on this blog, and can safely say we have yet to see a single altruistic act performed by Marty Rathbun and his personality cult members.

“The suppressive person who is visibly seeking to knock out people or Scientology is easy to see…

They look all right.  They sound reasonable.  They are often clever.  But they are solid poison.  They can’t as-is anything.  Day by day their pile grows.  Day by day their new overts and withholds pin them down tighter.  They aren’t here.  But they sure can wreck the place.

There is the true psycho. And he or she is dying before your very eyes.  Kind of horrible.”