Marty Rathbun Can’t Hide His Squirrelling

Apparently Minerva has caused quite a stir among Marty’s followers with the recent revelation that he has run NOTS on lower level pc’s. Some of his supporters have written in challenging that information, and some have even asked for proof, or at least asking how it was discovered.

They write to us because they know in their hearts they won’t get a straight answer from Rathbun himself. Marty can’t afford to admit that he ran higher level processes on PC’s below Clear because that would make it impossible for him to maintain his absurd claim that he is pro-LRH, On-Source, and pro-Scientology itself.

So Marty’s been screamingly busy trying to distract people’s attention from this and have them look elsewhere. Fortunately for him, most of his cult followers are easily swayed by his every word and action and happy to robotically follow his bouncing ball when he says, in effect, “nothing to see here, move along.”

Unfortunately for him, the fact that he is a squirrel is something that will stain him forever, for it is a FACT.  After getting arrested for his drunken spree he managed to pay to get the record of his arrest expunged.  There is no such luxury or opportunity for a squirrel, at any price.  Marty’s track cannot be expunged, and neither can the track of anyone who supported him be expunged.

Minerva laid out the suppressive act involved when Marty messed up that person’s case and put the Church at risk.  It is Using Scientology (or perverted and alter-ised tech and calling it Scientology) harmfully so as to bring about disrepute to an org, group or Scientology itself.

He is also guilty, on this single instance alone, of the High Crime of Developing and/or using squirrel processes or checksheets.

On that single act alone he is also guilty of Neglect or violation of any of the 10 points of Keeping Scientology Working (if you can’t work out which of the points apply, or if you can’t find a copy of the issue to check, you are definitely in the soup.)

Suppressive Acts are defined as actions or omissions undertaken to knowingly suppress, reduce or impede Scientology or Scientologists. LRH

Per that definition, and due to the severity of his actions, the flowing Crimes also classify as High Crimes in this matter.

Using Scientology harmfully; Not bringing a preclear up through the grades but overwhelming the preclear with high levels; Harmful, flagrant and continued Code Breaks resulting in important upsets.

The above is just in relation to one preclear that Marty audited.

If one examines his actions on a daily basis, Marty can be found to be committing every one of the 68 or so High Crimes that are listed in the Ethics book.

LRH is very clear about what he thinks about people who commit High Crimes and suppress Scientology.  They are the Church’s enemies and they are his enemies.

One cannot commit High Crimes and yet claim to be LRH’s  friend.

Ask Marty again why he audited lower level pcs using NOTS techniques.