Marty Rathbun, Chronic Failure

Marty Rathbun isn’t just an avowed enemy of Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard, he is obsessed with reaching and degrading those who aren’t.

One of the more entertaining aspects of watching Rathbun is hearing him whine and complain when he is stifled, when people ignore him in droves. This is nothing new for “critics” and attackers of Scientology. When people just ignore them and continue up the Bridge, it drives them crazy because it thwarts their purpose.

The mechanism at work is simple. LRH described how low-toned people like Rathbun dramatize bringing others down with them. In fact, he called it an Axiom:


“Here we have a matter of quantity…when we have more entheta present than theta, the theta is likely to become entheta. This is the contagion factor of aberration.” LRH

When Rathbun can’t feed off the theta of those actually making case gain, he can feel his dwindling spiral closing around him. When he can’t spread his aberration, he feels more isolated in his losing battle.

All manner of “rational” arguments come out of suppressives like Rathbun about “data” and “facts,” but there is always an underlying complaint when others don’t fall for the entheta lines. Any subterfuges about “saving” or “reforming” things are just that; a covert effort to make you think their purpose is other than to lead you further down the tone scale – toward death – which is their real purpose.

The one thing a “critic” like Rathbun can’t stand is being ignored, being denied the opportunity to get his hooks into you, being thwarted in his effort to enturbulate you and carry out his goals of contagion of aberration.

So when you hear complaints about not being listened to by people who produce nothing but complaints, you know their real purpose is simply to enturbulate and spread their aberration.

The best you can do is enjoy your wins, and flourish and prosper without letting those critics feed off your theta.