Marty Rathbun: Coming out of the Closet?

For years now, Marty Rathbun has been hiding behind a facade of being a “Scientologist.” The linchpin of this pretense is his assertion that he understands and employs Scientology Technology, and that his homey, shortcut versions of it are the way it was originally intended. The fact is that he works hard to get people to look the other way as he delivers his “counseling” and cannot stand the light of day on his technical activities. (He knows better than anyone just how squirrely he truly is and tries to erase all tracks of what he actually does.)

The falsity of this pretense – obvious to those who practice real Scientology and gain by its standard application – has been proven to even casual onlookers by Rathbun’s collusion with and validation of characters who openly and knowingly attack Scientology Tech itself – Beghe, Caberta, Ortega, Bunker, et al.

The falsity is further proven by the fact that he only delivers to others like him who are dedicated to making Scientology wrong for their own inability to make case gain.

Rathbun now feels that he has moved out of the “ethics” phase and into the “tech” phase of his twisted little operation. We’ve recently seen him slip his real feelings about word clearing into one of his comments (that was so outrageously slanderous of the tech that his cult followers had to ignore it altogether.) Will we now be seeing Marty Rathbun directly assailing the Tech in a more and more obvious way?

Will we see Rathbun gradually slip more and more technical degrades into his communications, while continuing to endorse psychology texts and attack the standard practice of Scientology in the Church?

This is the real ball that one has to keep his eye on; not the distracting daily criticisms that Rathbun issues about what others are doing.