Marty Rathbun Degrades Scientology Tech Again

Marty Rathbun has once again denigrated LRH and Scientology Tech, and the “Scientologists” around him just let it slide.

In the past, Marty Rathbun admitted his difficulties in clearing and understanding words, particularly in the subject of Scientology. While other students had cleared their words and causatively saddled up to go apply what they had learned, Rathbun sat alone, despondent over his inability to keep up.

Now we see, by another recent admission, why Rathbun never could avail himself of the clear understandings that Word Clearing tech can bring to a person, and why he has always so grossly mis-applied Scientology Tech and Admin principles and procedures.

Rathbun considers Word Clearing Tech “implanting.”

That’s right. Rathbun recently declared Word Clearing Method 9 to be “a method implanting the message into the head of the reader”.

This is what a psych would say about Method 9, or other forms of word clearing.

It’s one thing to have misunderstood words in a subject – the Scientologist finds them in himself and clears them, using word clearing tech. It’s another thing to glibly fly past them and assert that one understands it all. That’s the student who will just never get any gain. The truly malign individual not only invalidates the need for word clearing, but denigrates word clearing technology itself for fear that others will get better by its use.

Rathbun is one of those malign individuals; you see this in brainwashers who violently assail the anti-brainwashing tech of Scientology, and try to label it as just the opposite of what it is.

Rathbun is again showing himself to be among their ranks.

As usual, Marty Rathbun has things completely reversed from the truth.

A number of commenters here have recently raised the point that Rathbun’s supporters keep overlooking his blatant out-tech yet still keep pretending they are practicing Scientology. Once again, his puppets are happy to avoid confronting the fact that Marty Rathbun is directly opposed to Scientology tech itself, and a degrader of LRH.

Only one lone voice, who was so deluded as to believe in the first place the lie that Rathbun is a “Scientologist” wondered why Rathbun would say such a thing. He was ignored.

This declaration by Rathbun isn’t so much a foot-bullet as a slip. He didn’t mean to let out his anti-Tech viewpoint so clearly. But when you deal in so many lies and alterations daily, it’s hard to keep track of them.