Marty Rathbun Stands Firmly Against LRH

No less a dedicated propagandist than Joseph Goebbels once inspired Marty Rathbun in his campaign of hatred against Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard. “If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth” seems to be the guiding principle of Rathbun’s transparently perverse representation of himself and his purposes.

We’ve heard from him for several years now that he is “pro” LRH. In fact, hearing him say or imply this in numerous ways is the ONLY indication of that “pro” stance. His actions have virtually all been to the contrary, and clearly show that he is as much of an LRH hater as has ever existed.

For some background on this, see my article “Marty Rathbun Confirms He’s Anti-LRH Once Again.”

Aside from the fact that Rathbun is actively befriending and supporting the most unequivocal LRH-haters in the world today – Ursula Caberta, Mark Bunker, Tony Ortega, SP Times, Sweeney, Berry, etc. – his bastardization of the Tech of Scientology itself (while posing as an “authority” on it) tells the real story of his intentions toward LRH.

The number and degree of his technically squirrel actions alone show that he has utter disdain for the miraculous tech LRH created, as well as for the Administrative and Ethics procedures he put in place to keep the tech effective and pure. No amount of silly assertions of being “standard” by Rathbun can overcome the facts of his malpractice of Scientology and its Tech and principles.

But the real-world facts don’t stop Rathbun from repeated employing his Big Lie technique with the field of individuated apostates and squirrels that he invaded to act as his support group, and many of them are happy to mimic those lies right back, in the hope of pulling others off the actual Bridge.

In a dwindling spiral of mutual out-Tech ruds, each squirrel encourages the next, back and forth. Rathbun himself engages in all manner of Technical Degrades including shortcut, quickied and even ignored processes, squirrel checksheets and issues, altered and minimized “OT” processing, grade and “OT” level completions without any Qual, and even a campaign to relegate the overt/withhold tech to the lost tech file. The other squirrels not only validate him for it, and copy his know-best disregard for the tech, but some even submit to Rathbun as their “C/S.”

By redefinition of terms by this new High Priest of technical interpretation, these things are now Rathbun’s idea of “standard.”

In fact, taking the issue Keeping Scientology Working in reverse would give you a road map to Rathbun’s (and friends’) entire technical operation.

Yet the Big Lie that Rathbun is “pro” LRH continues.

But in reality, we see only that after several decades of rockslammer Rathbun pretending he is for LRH and LRH tech, he is merely a mean little man surrounded by a small group of gleefully individuated squirrels for whom Scientology and it’s technical processes are toys to be played with in whatever sensational hit-or-miss manner they please, while they congratulate each other on being Free! Free! to be as out-ethics as they please without taking responsibility for others.

All while vilifying anything and everything to do with the organizations LRH himself established to take the practice of pure Scientology into the future.

Caveat emptor.