Marty Rathbun, The Psych’s Good Buddy

As I browse through the recently published series of L. Ron Hubbard biographies, I am in awe all over again at this man and his accomplishments. “L. Ron Hubbard: Freedom Fighter” contains 43 essays on psychiatry and its crimes against humanity, each a powerful reminder of LRH’s rare brand of courage in taking on psychiatry’s stranglehold on “mental health” – at the time, a lone voice speaking against a deeply entrenched, though entirely corrupt, institution.

Marty Rathbun has long held the self-created delusion that he played a role of some importance in Scientology, even though, in fact, every action Rathbun took while on staff, according to his own detailed admissions, created either no effect or a highly destructive effect.

Marty Rathun’s ability to revise his own history – and Scientology’s –  for a buck is unparalleled.  He beats his chest to the press, claiming to be LRH’s friend yet, when he isn’t squirrelling LRH’s tech to pay his rent or maligning the courageous fellow who agreed to step into LRH’s boots and continue his fight against criminal psychiatry and psychology undaunted, what does Marty Rathbun do?

He spends his down time drinking beer with a “cognitive psychologist”…and cites him as a “technical mentor.”

Know him by his allies…

From L. Ron Hubbard Freedom Fighter Articles & Essays:

“The university revolts of this decade stem directly from the ignorance or direct action of the departments of psychiatry and psychology in those same universities.  They teach that Man is an animal, governable by force alone, that training is entirely a matter of teaching bears to skate using hot skates, or dogs to obey using starvation.  They have perverted the entire field of training and education as well as that of health and sanity.  They have yet to make one man better.  But they have inspired a million murders.”

            “…But their worst crime is making very sure that any successful real mental technology developed by Man is discredited, hounded, legislated against and left unused.

            “When Scientology entered on the scene, these men, in the executive committee of their international front group, resolved that it was a threat to their criminal interests.  They spent millions, money given to them to “make people well,” to engage in a secret and vicious war against Scientologists.  One of their key men has now confessed to this.

            “It took Scientologists years to run down and identify its attackers.  And since this was done, the most unsavory stench has begun to arise from the institutions of these criminals….”

            “…The picture is not all black.

            “Scientology is letting more than a little light into a formerly dismal scene.

            ‘With some active help and public support, we can see the way out of this and bring at last some sanity to the world.”

L. Ron Hubbard, Cultural Deficiencies, 9 Sept 1969