Marty Rathbun Tortures Godwin’s Law

We’re all familiar with “Godwin’s Law” and know that falling afoul of it usually signals that the violator has lost an argument or discussion, and in fact will cause the violator to lose. There are many corollaries to it, not the least of which is that it signals that the side doing it has run out of other arguments and seeks to “win” by saying, in effect, “you’re a Nazi, that’s it, period. End of discussion.”

When all else fails, Marty Rathbun resorts to Nazi analogies. I say when all else fails, but it’s more like every time Marty looks around and sees that he’s actually getting nowhere in his campaign to destroy Scientology, which is pretty much every day. He’s screamed every vile accusation he can think of (manufacture is more like it) and it hasn’t even put a dent in the Church’s operations or ongoing expansion. Even the mad monkey media who excitedly fawned over Rathbun’s earth-shattering “revelations” when he first began his Black PR campaign have grown tired and bored with these outrageous “inside stories” that came to nothing.

They came to nothing because there’s nothing there to grab onto. It all became sort of like a fox screaming that the hens were killing each other. It made sensational headlines at first, but really has no traction because there’s not going to be any truth behind it no matter how hard one looks.

You can almost map Marty’s desperation by the number of Nazi keywords he includes in his daily tripe. Words like “gestapo,” “jackboot,” “lockstep,” and of course, “Nazi” are never far from Marty’s fingertips these days.

For example, someone who blew off lines 15 years ago, discovers Marty is blogging some of the same manufactured motivators and writes in to Marty, happy to find someone with similar (although far more egregious) out ruds. Marty turns this molehill into a mountainous, paranoid, over-the-top diatribe about (you guessed it) Nazis. And tries to make it sound like it’s “everybody.”

He doesn’t stop there. What are the worst things Marty can think of? Death. Nazis. Cancer. Great fodder for Marty’s free-association (A=A=A) positioning philosophy. (Marty’s made a more dedicated study of Psychology writings than he ever devoted to Scientology, that’s for sure.)

So Marty’s evolving formula (a product of his increasing desperation) is to torture far-ranging, irrelevant but sensational dots in an effort to connect them to (what else?) the Church, COB, Scientology, the OT Levels, and LRH himself. All while still coyly trying to convince whoever will listen that he is in favor of Scientology.

It’s an old Black PR operation – pretending to be “pro” something while working ceaselessly to undermine and ultimately destroy it – that only his limited audience are either too ignorant to notice, or are actively participating in.

Not satisfied with strangling the life out of Godwin’s law, Rathbun’s gone further and managed to combine the worst characteristics of hack politicians, pettifogging lawyers, and dime-store demagogues:

Throw enough mud up against the wall, and some of it is bound to stick.