Marty Rathbun’s Black Propaganda Campaign

Ever noticed that Marty Rathbun gleefully presents and supports people who tell the same outrageous lies and alarming claims? Whenever you hear the same upsetting fabrications coming from different sources, you know you are looking (at the very least) at bank agreement. When you hear the same lies coming from different quarters that sound like coordinated stories or complaints, you can be sure they are indeed part of a coordinated campaign.

LRH pointed out:

When there is a concerted short- or long-term campaign going on against someone or something from a single or multiple source, there has been a black PR agreement as to what to say about that someone or something.

 Some worked-out and agreed-upon entheta is concocted.

Marty Rathbun specializes in promoting just such agreement. When he’s not busy squirreling the Tech, he’s busy gathering the occasional nut into his nest.  It’s painfully obvious in the entheta pronouncements of these other no-gain-cases he recruits. They not only follow Marty’s prescribed formula, they make the same criticisms and forward the same generalities and lies. In fact, Rathbun requires that before a person can be admitted to his squirrel ranks.

LRH goes on,

An enemy group usually originates several carefully worked-out entheta statements. You can always trace these as being a planned campaign by someone because the same perverted statements appear at widely separated points.

Aside from spotting these coordinated (by Rathbun and Rinder) statements, you can tell they are part of Rathbun’s black PR campaign by the clumsy way the same robotic stories are repeated point by point and cloaked as sympathetic “personal stories.” They are clumsy indeed to anyone who can tell when something is written or said from a level of covert hostility.

You can also tell because they are issued, in the case of “ex-staff”, by people who spent many years hiding on a post covering their lack of production and overt products while citing themselves as “upstat,” highly trained or audited, or even “on-Source,” when upon inspection you find that they spent many years avoiding any training or auditing at all, and their “stats” were based on someone else’s production. And the first thing they do upon joining Rathbun is go off-Source and commit Suppressive Acts.

The truth is that they ended up blowing because of their own transgressions. This is the case with Rathbun and his henchman Rinder, and is the kind of individual they seek out to join them, and issue the same outrageous claims that Rathbun and Rinder have been trying to broadcast through as many “sources” as possible.

But LRH spotted this as the clumsy black-PR technique of “yesterday’s lies proves today’s lie.”

Recognize this when you see sources issuing Rathbun’s lies – even using his same catch phrases – from apparently different points.

It’s just Marty Rathbun trying to convince you it’s “everybody” and it’s what “they say.”