Marty Rathbun’s Real Conflict

Marty Rathbun’s true conflict is between his words and actions. I am not saying that Rathbun suffers from a conflict beyond his control, but one of his own device, that very few are willing to call him out on.

It’s a cynical and self-serving conflict of an evil little man trying to have things both ways. He promotes himself as one who wants to “save” Scientology while teaming up with its most dedicated, avowed enemies. But it gets him attention and donations and keeps him from having to get a job.

It’s a conflict that can only be ignored by those whose hearts and hands are not clean, or who are fellow suppressives who are only too happy to look the other way.

Some of the worst allegations and innuendo one could imagine are the stock in trade of Rathbun’s media comrades. You would have to think hard to come up with any foul lie or criticism that they haven’t already published about Scientology and LRH. And it’s not just media, it’s a handful of the most hateful professional critic-vampires who have ever tried to attach themselves to Scientology (Caberta, Bunker, Berry, etc.)

But Rathbun gleefully calls them friends and brothers, and does all he can to get them to publish his manufactured slander of the day. All while pretending he’s in favor of the “independent” practice of Scientology.

Yet while they make money attacking Scientology, these media types don’t attack Marty Rathbun, the “independent practitioner” of it. Why?

SPs are happy to see ANY destruction of something that helps. You can believe that even the media SPs know that Rathbun himself offers no help at all, or they wouldn’t praise or support him. If he offered any genuine help of any kind he himself would be attacked by those same SPs. It’s their nature and mission. They themselves can see that Marty Rathbun is an ally dedicated to the complete destruction of Scientology and its Founder’s legacy.

And even they can see that what Rathbun and his friends are engaged in is a pale, watered-down, altered and even unrecognizable version of the religion and its practice. So they don’t attack it.

Yet Rathbun keeps trying to sell the absurd idea that what he and his little clique of friends are interested in is Scientology practice, when all they are really supporting are the worst attacks on Scientology they can possibly muster.

Only those whose perception is dulled by their own accumulated transgressions against the religion, its Founder, and Scientologists could possibly overlook these contrary facts.