Sirens in Action Part 1 – The Dingo

Sam Domingo (a key voice in Marty’s choir and affectionately known as “Dingo” to her friends) is living proof of the veracity of the LRH datum that, “Man is basically good.”

As LRH explains:

When a person finds himself committing too many harmful acts against the dynamics, he becomes his own executioner.  This gives us the proof that Man is basically good.  When he finds himself committing too many evils, then, causatively, unconsciously or unwittingly, Man puts ethics in on himself by destroying himself and he does himself in without assistance from anybody else.

. . . When an individual does harm the dynamics, he will destroy himself in an effort to save those dynamics.

Is Dingo destroying herself in an effort to restrain herself from further damaging the dynamics?  Decide for yourself.

This is Dingo about the time she decided to commit multiple Suppressive Acts in resigning publicly from the Church, citing all manner of motivators as her reasons why. January 2010.   Not a bad looking woman.

Below is a recent photo of Dingo. She’s been trying to get herself cast as a wicked witch, but everyone turns her down as too ugly and too scary, especially because of the “I love you but  . . .” t-shirt.  It’s OK, Dingo – we don’t need to be loved by you.  Honest.  Try some love on yourself.

A lot can change in a year.  And that is just what you can see.

What you don’t see in this picture is that:-

  • 9 months ago she went to Amsterdam where she was spotted resuming an old pot smoking habit which she probably continues to this day;
  • her rapid weight gain and physical deterioration are matched by her out-hygiene;
  • she is on the verge of a psychotic break and sees prey enemies all around her;
  • she is hell bent on finding a new 2D.  Any 2D.
  • at nights she goes outside and howls at the moon.

And all of it done to make herself as unattractive as possible and prevent her from finding a new 2D, prevent her from having any friends, prevent her from being able to communicate to people – and thereby save others from the animal she has become.

All too often, however, the bank is triggered by an out-ethics situation and, if the individual has no tech with which to handle it analytically, his “handling” is to mock up motivators.  In other words, he tends to believe or pretend that something was done to him that prompted or justified his out-ethics action and at that point he starts downhill.

It is not his attempt to get his ethics in that does him in.  It is the automaticity of the bank which kicks in on him and his use of a bank mechanism at this point which sends him down the chute.  When that happens, nobody puts him down the chute harder, really, than he does himself.  LRH

The photos suggest she is doing a damn good job of stuffing herself down the chute.

I don’t know everything Dingo has done against the dynamics that have necessitated her caving herself in like this.   But then I don’t need to know.  She knows and that is what is doing her in.

Here is what I do know.

In January 2010 Dingo decided to “come out” and announce publicly that she was resigning from the Church, and joining people she knew to have been declared suppressive persons; people she knew to have a suppressive agenda.

The people she joined have as their stated agenda the total destruction of the Churches and ecclesiastical structure of Scientology.   They want all orgs and missions closed down and the Sea Org disbanded.

Any sane person realizes this is suppression, pure and simple, so, to deceive the weak-minded and gain recruits, these SPs claim allegiance to LRH.  They say they are pro-LRH and are only anti-Management and anti-Church.

Amazingly, some dupes, like Dingo, join up, and why not? This false front matches the 1.1 tone level that Dingo has so thoroughly dramatized in her own life for so long.

That makes it easy for her to turn a blind eye to the fact that orgs and the current structure are LRH’s solution for getting the tech delivered and clearing the planet.   He put the whole thing there.  He wrote as much green-on-white Third Dynamic Tech as he did red-on-white.    One cannot claim allegiance to LRH on the one hand, and seek to destroy orgs on the other.   What do they think the OEC Volumes, the Management Series and the FEBC are all talking about, if not orgs?

“The international org structure of Scientology is the only structure which has persevered without faltering for three decades.  . . .  It is the individual org and the international org structure that the field, and, yes, the planet, depend upon.  Any quick buck rip-off artist or activity will not be there when push comes to shove and nether will those who played footsies with them or ethics standards.

The org structure is not only there now but will be in the future and will be its loyal staffs.

That structure today is in good hands that mean business and is surging ahead full speed.

Although I am not managing you today, please hear me. “ LRH

Why do people like Dingo join the enemy?  That is explained in the quotes above and in understanding that people like Dingo need to have others approve of and validate their motivators, plus feed them new ones they’d never even thought of before.  Bank agreement about their motivators makes them feel good, and helps them justify what they’ve done and continue to do.  And of course, at the bottom of their tone levels is the effort to succumb, and do so across the dynamics.

But Dingo sure felt good when she publicly announced that she was resigning from the Church, and joining forces with the SPs who are hell bent on destroying it.

This is what she said at the time.  “When I made the decision to walk away [from the Church] I immediately recovered my own personal integrity and dignity and pride. I was rewarded with a swift de-PTSing and discovery of TRUTH.”

Oh.  Really? The “TRUTH” such as ‘marijuana won’t harm anyone’s case but will set you free?’ or the “TRUTH” that ‘my personal integrity required that I blow a dozen times and engage in whatever degraded out-ethics behavior I wanted to?’

Meet Dingo – a true scavenger

Dingo joined the Sea Org with her boyfriend in about 1988.  She couldn’t wait to join – “The purpose of helping LRH to clear the planet and dedicating the rest of our lives to help others was irresistible to both of us and we couldn’t wait to jump on board.”

Within weeks she had blown for the first time, with her 2D, despite this irresistible purpose.  Of course, the reasons she blew were all down to the conditions in the Sea Org, and the things that people had done to her – and never her responsibility.

People leave because of their overts and withholds.  That is the factual fact and hard-bound rule.  A man with a clean heart can’t be hurt.   The man or woman who must must must become a victim and depart is departing because of his or her own overts and withholds.  LRH

If you believe Dingo’s account of things, the reason she had to keep on blowing was because people just didn’t understand her and kept on suppressing her.

A great example was when she had a mind-blowing cognition, which she describes here:

“Coincidental to the above [blowing with her 2D] I had made the origination that I had received past life auditing and had already reached certain states of OT. This was ignored and I was told that it really didn’t matter as I would have to re-do all of my grades anyway. As I had no interest in doing this I pretty much decided I just wouldn’t bother with any Bridge as there didn’t seem to be any point.”

See that?  She cognites she is an OT and instead of the trumpets coming out and a National Dingo Day being heralded, someone tells her, “Look at that wall.  Walk over to that wall.  Touch that wall.”

Nonetheless, as a “past-life OT”, Dingo continued in the Sea Org for a couple of years, at total effect.  Her SO career is remarkable and distinguished for the number of 2Ds she blew with.  Dingo may not hold the record for the number of blows, but if not she is a strong contender with at least 15 blows chalked up in 2 years.

“Always fast to bounce back [after another 2D related blow and another ethics handling] however, I soon fell in love once more. This time it was to the son of a high profile celebrity who had just joined the Sea Org. Soon I had charmed the pants off of him too.

. . . We blew together (I was getting awfully good at this by now.)”

No kidding Dingo.  Take heart – at least you are good at something.

Finally out of the Sea Org Dingo and husband had three kids and let 10 years lapse before deciding to get back on lines.

Always happy to take full responsibility for everything, Dingo cheerfully got auditing and cheerfully wrote rave success stories at the time, and now cheerfully says that all the services she got – ethics, tech and admin – were out tech and destroyed her marriage.

Despite that though, “There is a happy ending to this story. When I made the decision to walk away I immediately recovered my own personal integrity and dignity and pride. I was rewarded with a swift de-PTSing and discovery of TRUTH.”

“I found MY group. I am happy and proud to join your ranks [squirrels and SPs]. I also discovered that despite the many times I have walked away from the church I never walked away from LRH!”

Hey Dingo!  You need to chill out on the wacky weed my gal.  That last one about never walking away from LRH – that is one blunt too many.

But, yeah, you did find your “group.” You found a group of others who also couldn’t get case gain, or wouldn’t, like you, sit still for auditing. Others who, like you, consume drugs and alcohol and engage in disreputable 2d games and general back-stabbing.

Well anyway, that was the position as of a year ago – a proud, dignified Grinning Dingo (which genetically is a close cousin of the Laughing Hyena.)

And now  . . . ?

It doesn’t take a close inspection of the after photo to see that her personal integrity, dignity and pride have led Dingo out of her burrow and into the swamp and the life of a degraded being.

Since leaving the Church has she done anything to forward or contribute to LRH’s purposes?  No. In fact she actively supports the efforts of vocal opponents of Scientology and LRH (not just Orgs or management) and works hard to recruit others into her degraded little world of no-more-bridge-advancement-ever.

Is she happy?  No.  People who have seen her report that she looks haggard and downtone.   It’s a pretty sure thing that she is still smoking dope, probably daily, and my guess is that she is also complimenting her substance abuse with both excessive amounts of alcohol and frequent use of painkillers – as most of the squirrels seem to do.

Judging from the amount of crap she posts on his site each day, Dingo spends the majority of her time on the internet, where she is Marty Rathbun’s number one cheerleader and backing singer, fawning over him in a way that other squirrels actually find offensive.

In August last year it was alleged that Dingo had struck up a relationship with Marty, or was attempting to do so.   Mosey probably beat her off.

Personally I am not so sure about that.  Recently she has been flanking Martin Padfield, another SP, in his attempts to attack the Church, with both of them taking very similar actions at the same time.

My money says that she is conducting a clandestine affair with Martin Padfield, whose wife has just recently had a new baby.  Out ethics on the 2nd dynamic is something that comes as naturally to Padfield as it does to Dingo.

Where does Dingo go from here?


Now, if you feel like a little loving from Dingo, sail on in!




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