Take it from LRH – Marty Rathbun is “just nuts”

“Don’t get reasonable about natterers.  If they’re hypercritical they have overts.  If they have a real complaint they’d talk to the management, not everybody else.  These people are just nuts and they spread disaster.  They drive off all the good staff members and prevent new ones, yet there they stay nattering madly about things they don’t understand and haven’t read.”


Beneath the title of this policy LRH adds a note in parenthesis: “Some tips of value which, while they do not form the rationale back of my own actions, will be found of practical use.”

“Tips” is right!  LRH always was master of the understatement. You will never find a better encapsulation of the character and intent of Mark “Marty” Rathbun and his squirrel pals than the paragraph above.

Rathbun is – as LRH states – “just nuts.”  You look for any more logic in his actions than that simple fact and you are wasting valuable seconds of your life.

“…nattering madly about things they don’t understand and haven’t read” describes with pin-point accuracy every squirrel in the field.  I don’t care what long ago cancelled or (more often) utterly fraudulent classifications they award themselves, these people don’t understand the tech.  Most never read the materials, regardless of their claims.  Squirrel versions? Yes.  Blinded by misunderstoods? Absolutely.  Whatever the case, they did not see and comprehend the words on the page.

They are, as LRH labels them, MALCONTENTS. They never help anyone. They only destroy. Open both eyes and look past the smoke and mirrors and you will find that Marty’s type is, sadly, not unusual or hard to find – I spot them occasionally in my own workplace. Whether an obvious bully like Rathbun, or dripping with apparent sweetness, they all DO as LRH describes.  They produce nothing, while undermining and upsetting their co-workers, and running down the reputation of the guy who signs their check. I actually saw one, right in front of my eyes, fill up his trunk with stolen copyrighted documents and drive away, brazen as can be.  He later attempted to extort money from the owner, all the while complaining wildly about this guy he just stabbed in the back – a kind fellow who had employed him gainfully for decades.

It can be a challenge to see the obvious.  We don’t want to believe it of people we once trusted or had some affinity for due to past association. But Rathbun is nothing if not painfully obvious in his methods and motives. “The Magic of Good Management” contains other great “tips” on identifying people like Marty.  I’ll post them next time.