The Rat Siren

There are many reasons Joe and I do this blog, but one of the primary ones is to warn people what they are dealing with when they start courting Mark “Marty” Rathbun.

As an SP, the only power Marty has is the power to enturbulate.  The thing is, he is rather good at that.

By electrifying his audience with all manner of supposed insider knowledge, intrigue, and tales of woe he sucks the gullible reader into a black hole, just like the mythological Sirens lured horny sailors onto the rocks and inevitable death.

(For those who don’t know – the Sirens were mermaid-like ladies, very sexy and very alluring, whose beautiful singing, posing and magnificent breasts caused passing sailors to divert their ships to the island they lived on.  Believing they were in for a little “love”, the sailors discovered, too late, that they had been drawn into a trap.  With their ships wrecked on the rocks, the sailors died – none of them having had any loving at all, and all of them having become prey to the monsters that were the Sirens.)

From my viewpoint, one of the main problems we have in dealing with Mark Rathbun and his choir, is that we are unable to properly describe, or position, or label them and thereby forewarn those public who may be lured by the sweet songs of this modern day Siren, that Marty’s music is false, and a cover for the real intentions of this Merchant of Mayhem – which is to strip them of their assets and feed on their souls.

The Church calls Marty the worst possible thing it can, which is a Suppressive Person and a Squirrel. Sometimes it even calls him an apostate.  (I call him a Rat and an Asswipe as well.)

To properly trained Scientologists describing him as an SP means something.

However, to the “horny sailor” public who are looking to have some need satisfied it means nothing.  That is what they expect the Church to say.

It’s a bit like the Christian Church telling people not to listen to the ravings of an anti-Christ because he is a ‘sinner’.  If he is telling an intriguing story, most people would listen even in the knowledge that he was a sinner.

If the listeners however knew that he was an escaped mental patient who had been convicted as a pedophile, the audience would rapidly dissipate.

Now,  I would like to point out that even non- Scientologists recognize a person of Marty’s nature and have been able to offer an apt description of Marty and his choir that makes sense and communicates easily.

Of course while some may be adept at describing and cataloging such mental mis-functions and derangements, they are absolutely useless at curing them, while Scientology is able to provide effective non-destructive remedies.

We have all laughed at the “mental disorders” that are presented each year in the new Diagnostics Manual.  “Obsessive Compulsive Rectal Reactions To Trigonometry Disorder.”  LOL.

But check this one out – I think it really applies, and I’d like to know what you think.  (Plus, this “Disorder” was not invented as a means to sell some new drug, but has been observed in some people since the dawn of time.)

Mythomania: the abnormal propensity to lie, exaggerate, or relate incredible imaginary adventures as if they had really happened.

The defining characteristics of mythomania, also known as pseudologia fantastica, or pathological lying, are:

  • The stories told are not entirely improbable and often have some element of truth. Initially, if directly confronted, the storyteller can admit, unwillingly, to exaggerations to the point of perversion or distortion of the truth.  After a few tellings the story becomes firmly embedded and no such admissions can be extracted because, to the teller, the fabrication is now the truth.
  • Second, the tendency to fabricate incidents is a long-term condition, and not some type of spontaneous “social lying” engaged upon due to the immediate situation or social pressure; close examination discovers an innate urge within the subject to fabricate as though the truth, as and of itself, were somehow threatening.  An internal, rather than external, motive for their behavior can always be isolated as the prime motivation.  Their fabrications are not the result of external factors, pressures or triggers, but are an intrinsic, hard-wired, method used by them to solve the problems occasioned by  life.
  • Third, the stories inevitably present the liar favorably, whether directly or by innuendo.  Knowing or being related to many famous people is one of the more common assertions, as are acts of selflessness and bravery.
  • Fourth, Mythomania routinely crosses into false memory syndrome, wherein the sufferer genuinely believes that fictitious events have taken place, regardless that these events are fantasies. The sufferer may believe that he or she has committed superhuman acts of altruism and love and will attempt to so persuade others.


Now that is an accurate description of Marty and at least 80% of the people connected with Marty.  It says a lot more than a simple “SP” label.

These are the people who stories get better and better with each retelling, the fish they caught getting larger and larger until a minnow caught in a pond has become a 4 foot swordfish caught at sea.

Anyone can exaggerate for fun, but this is not fun as the teller genuinely believes his own stories in the end.  These are the people who hear someone else tell an interesting story about something that happened to them, and next thing you know you hear them repeating the story with themselves as the central character, firmly believing that the now embellished and ‘improved’ incident actually happened to them.  These are the people who might genuinely have been present at some major occasion, and who thereafter claim to have been the prime cause of any positive outcome – the war correspondent who entered the besieged city with the advance guard and who forever after insists that it was his knowledge and perspicacity in those first few hours that eventually liberated the city.

Marty and his choir are not just ‘sinners’.  They are not simply ‘SPs’ or ‘squirrels’ or ‘out ethics’.

They are pathological fabricators of the past, and their purpose is to use anyone and anything they can as a means to accomplish their own ends.  They mean you no good.  There is no honest group there.  There is no loyalty.  There is no worthwhile purpose.

Do not be beguiled by the Rat Siren.   The fresh breath of truth will not cool you there.