Tom De Frocked and Alison Undress

I got your's babe

Hi People,

Time for a quick update to tell you that I have been having so much fun since I liberated myself from the ethical codes of the church.

No more having to behave in a certain way, no more having to be answerable to anyone.  I can recommend this life choice to anyone without reservation.

Here’s just a snapshot of my recent activities so you can see what I mean.

Having always been quite qood with my hands, I decided to start a business selling reconditioned furniture.  Actually it’s an idea I got from my big friend Amy Scobie.

Go round and beg for old furniture from the Salvation Army, get it home and pimp it up a bit, and then re-sell it.

For a while it was all going great, but then, probably because COB directly ordered it, it started going downhill. I couldn’t pay the bills for the stalls I had contracted, couldn’t pay my staff, couldn’t pay the rent.

What can I tell you – shit happens, or it’s caused by COB directly.  What can I say?

In the old days someone would have noticed everything going wrong and would have told me to figure out what condition to apply and seen that I did it.  How boring can things get?  Where’s the fun and excitement in that?  Predictable outcome = no game!

Now I don’t want you thinking that I don’t apply conditions, because I do.  It’s just that I apply the ones I decide – which is usually affluence.  I get some money in and spend it right away on fun stuff that increases my sense of wellbeing, because I generally do better if I feel good.

I also buy mostly on credit because that is what the formula says, and it really works.  It is much cheaper that way.

Well anyhow, these bills were starting to backlog and become quite troublesome, with people chasing me for money and all that.  So I applied the Finance Series and started spending money on the PT things so as not to add to the backlog.  New shoes, things for my woman (more on that in a minute) and so on.

I must say, the Finance Series really works.  Ever since I decided that my bills were a backlog its opened up new vistas for me.  When the bill collectors come around I tell them it’s a backlog and the only way its going to get fixed is by an All Hands and so they need to pitch in with some money if they ever want to get paid.

But there is new twist to my life.  Many of you will remember Alison Undress from the good old days.

She blew about 1986 with Ivan the Obelisk, both of them running out on their marriages.

Well, you won’t believe it, but she is doing her Undress thing for me now.  Turns out that she had a bit of a misunderstanding about Ivan, and that he doesn’t really have an obelisk.

In fact she was pretty disappointed and these past many years has sought the fulfillment and satisfaction that he could not supply.

I met her at a Mardy Party recently, where she was scoping out the talent.  She seemed kind of keen to get to know JB (in the biblical sense of know, if you know what I mean) but he was working on Marika James and she couldn’t get an opening.

And then we saw each other – me being De Frocked and her being Undressed, it was a natural thing.  She grabbed my crotch and I grabbed her ass, and its been fun ever since.

She is very well trained (in admin tech that is – she is also very well trained in other areas but we are not talking about that right now) and she worked out how I could solve all my financial problems with one easy solution.

You got it – we gonna blow town.  It’s worked for us before.  In fact it’s one of our successful actions.

Hell, and why not?  No ethics officer is ever going to talk to either of us ever again.

We just going to hit the road and grope each other all the way to who knows where, while singing that all time sunny classic, “I got yours babe.”

We’re just looking for a shack someplace.  If any one knows of a shack that’s vacant, do drop me a line.  For the time being, use this blog as a mean of sending me any messages.  I’ll check it out from time to time, and for now I have no other address.