Marty Rathbun disinformation campaign

Marty Rathbun disinformation campaign continues unprecedented. However, various insiders within Rathbun’s camp have gratuitously informed me that Rathbun takes whatever he can from his “informants” and without verification or fact checking he puts it up on his blog as long as the information meets the following requirements: smear Scientology, Scientologists, the Church of Scientology its staff and principals. Oh yes, I forgot one point: if you join Rathbun’s ranks you have to act as a victim and everything you have done wrong it’s someone else’s fault.

The latest Rathbun joke comes from Samuel, who claims to have done a statistical analysis of the Scientology Internet sites. Samuel, who is not responsible for what he did, had no idea of what he was talking about, even though Samuel was aware of HCO PL 6 Jul 70 “IRRATIONALITY”, where LRH says in there “In setting a statistic one has to outguess all efforts to falsify it (predict possible outpoints in collecting it) …” Once again Marty Rathbun failed royally, he allowed false statistics to enter Samuel’s analysis. Here is why:

Let’s examine a few mistakes made by Samuel: uses a sample of the surf behavior of 2,000,000 US Internet users to determine the statistics for third party sites. They have no access to any site’s statistics.  Therefore their report is a mere guess, and for international sites it’s not usable at all, even for estimates. If this is how Samuel understands the LRH technology of estimates and stat analysis I am not surprised that most of Rathbun’s writings have a hallucinatory quality.

And here is a completely random example to show how bad this works:

Compare the true stats of (’s official Blog of the Day blog) on with those “guesses” on gets the true statistics from blogs.

Quantcast reports the real stats as delivered to them by WordPress: over 40k average per month: reports between 9k and 10k monthly visitors:

So misses it’s report by 4x!

I wonder how much off their stats on are. BTW, I just checked those sites Samuel mentioned and I found on that the site is available in 16 languages, each on a different subdomain. Also, and have 16 subdomains, one for each foreign language.

A few more facts: does not exist, it just forwards to, and have no website, they just forward to other sites. I wonder how Samuel got “stats” for these? Pulled them out of his hat? Or did Rathbun have another of his hallucinations?

Here is what you should do, apply some LRH: “The ‘idée fixe’ is the bug in sanity. Whenever an observer himself has fixed ideas he tends to look at them, not at the information. Prejudiced people are suffering mainly from an ‘idée fixe.’ The strange part of it is that the ‘idée fixe’ they think they have isn’t the one they do have. … A fixed idea is uninspected.  It blocks the existence of any contrary observation.” HCO PL 19 May 1970 “SANITY”