Marty Rathbun: 2011 in Review – Part 2

How low can Marty Rathbun go? Well, 2011 showed us a glimpse. I say glimpse, because I’m sure he’s not yet sunk to the depths he’s capable of. Rathbun gave us evidence that he became what he failed to handle by sucking up to Ursula Caberta, revealing his long term alliance with avowed LRH-mocker Mark Bunker, and taking serial legal loser Graham Berry into his arms (and worse, following his advice.)

There are plenty of laughable moments that the cartoon Marty Rathbun provided us with, many of them centering around Rathbun’s mistaken idea that perception is reality. This is entirely consistent with his incessant drive to alter things around him, and part of why he never got any case gain. One of the better examples in 2011 was Rathbun comparing himself to Martin Luther, and after a friend poked him and told him the difference between ML and MLK, Rathbun decides to compare himself to both. None of which changes the fact that he’s just a low-level underachiever with the mouth of a snake-oil salesman.

He finally drops it because even his kool-aid cult-of-personality followers are embarrassed by the comparisons.

Rathbun pushes so hard to get people to believe that what he SAYS (perception) is the truth, that he is taken in by others doing the same to him. Mark Bunker spends years in one of the most creepy displays of LRH hatred and Dianetics/Scientology Tech mockery one could possibly find, but Rathbun believes him when Bunker says he only wants to help “reform” the Church. Rathbun conveniently never bothers to look at what Bunker has actually done.

Also misreading Ortega, a third-rate porn advertiser desperate for copy and attention, gets Rathbun publicly embarrassed (in front of his cult, anyway) when Ortega decides to hop on an old hobby horse – attacking Scientology. Rathbun is happy to have some “media” outlet for his daily entheta output, so feeds Ortega whatever he can. The two stretch it out over a month, and at the end, Ortega slaps Rathbun in the face by calling him on his transparently corny assertion that Rathbun is pro-LRH.

Rathbun is stunned that the viper he’s been sleeping with bit him. But rather than show some integrity, Rathbun bends over and says, essentially, “thank you Sir, may I have another?” He ends up dismissing it as “agreeing to disagree,” and propitiatively calling Ortega “brother.”

Marty Rathbun looks at how even those yellow journalists who have tired of his bogus claims have deserted him, and can’t bear to lose his one remaining “voice” in the media.

Even now, Rathbun continues to feed him scurrilous claims, as has no where else to go, and he has to keep his dwindling cult members thinking he’s doing something.

Next up: Marty Rathbun takes squirrelling to new levels and tries to call it “standard.”