A story from Ex-Sea Org

Ex-Sea Org asked me if I could print one of his stories. Here it is:

Anyone that knew Marty knows that he is incapable of rational things.

I have a story to tell, which I didn’t want to say because I had some reservations, but at this point I will not withhold it because people need to know where Marty’s insanity may come from.

He once told me that his mother was in a psych hospital and received many ECTs while being several months into her pregnancy. The psychs were very brutal. The baby was then born and his name was Mark C. Rathbun!
First I thought Marty was joking and I asked him if he was kidding. He was very serious and told me that it was a true story and that was why he became a Scientologist because of what the psychs did to his mother. He also said that he didn’t think the ECT affected him. I had my doubts about that because I know what LRH says in DMSMH about prenatal engrams and what happens to babies before they are born. God only knows what was said to his mom while being electroshocked.

Marty sees evil in just about anything in life. He has done many irrational things in his career and then, instead of taking responsibility for his own evil acts, he finds someone else to blame. He never admits having done anything wrong and when he gets confronted with what he did he claims others made him do it.

He now paints himself as the Church savior and claims to be an “independent Scientologist”. We all know this is a lie and is yet another Marty’s master plan to destroy what he has conceived is a “threat” to him. Don’t you find it strange that he left the Church three times and finally in 2004 he left for good and suddenly he appears on the Internet and in the media telling lies and fabricated stories about COB and other Sea Org members of goodwill? I bet the Church didn’t care about him any more and decided to just let it be. But of course Marty could not live without getting the attention and power he once had. So he decided to “come out” and destroy the Church but hiding behind the fact that he is still a Scientologist and likes LRH. Now Marty had the perfect cover to execute his plan and dupe out-ethics public by feeding them his black propaganda, which they bought because of their own out-ethics and motivators.

I left way after Marty and I know for a fact that all the stories he is telling in his blog are false and they are carefully designed to upset people and make them believe the Church is evil and he is the only one that can save it. Same old story of a squirrel who has gone insane.

In summary, Marty is dramatizing his insanity now that he has no restrains.