Alloying Affinity for Ron

If Marty Rathbun admitted he was actually operating as Marcus Brutus Rathbun, the very people he needs as instruments in his war, would turn away from him. Well the decent ones anyway. Marty Rathbun has befriended many of those on the far left who openly state that their goal is the complete destruction of Scientology and all LRH Tech. That crowd is easy to recruit for an attack on the Church. The people he needs to reach are those who want Scientology to be winning and succeeding, and achieving LRH’s goals and purposes. These are the people he must have, as it is only with their support that he can then seem to have a voice and realize his false purposes.

If Marty comes riding into battle at the head of an army whose stated and sworn purpose is to destroy Scientology and raze it to the ground, all Scientologists would confront him. And by all Scientologists I am not talking about just the staff and on-lines and “on-purpose” Scientologists. In the face of a head on, real attack on the tech, Scientologists that have been off lines for years, hidden in the woodwork, ARC Xen or whatever, would come to the aid of the Church and LRH.

So Marty cannot head an army obviously hell bent on destroying Scientology. So his spin is to try head an army whose apparent, seeming, purpose is “to save the Church”. And to build that army he needs to recruit “real” Scientologists, or people who on the face of it appear to be real Scientologists. These “real” Scientologists would join an effort to “save their Church”. To accomplish that he has to hide his real intentions and spread lies and discontent until he has disaffected and made people PTS enough to turn on the Church.

Marty posted an article in early December which is a short excerpt of the LRH Essay on Management, part of which is excerpted below.

“The most vital lines of a group are not operational lines, although this may appear so to management. They are the theta lines between any theta and the group and the goal maker and the group. Management that tampers with these lines in any way will destroy itself. These actually have tension and explosion in them. It is as inevitable as nightfall that these lines will explode, when tampered with, at the exact point of the tampering. This is a natural law of communication lines. LRH”

In posting this quote Marty is trying to accuse COB (as management) of tampering with and perverting the theta lines between LRH as goal maker, and the group.

Let’s just look at this for a minute, and see what is actually happening.

For months Marty has been campaigning that COB held LRH hostage for the last 5 years of his life. This is a joke to anyone that knows personally either COB or LRH, and is a complete falsehood. On the contrary, it is completely denied by the people that were on LRH’s lines throughout the period when LRH was away from Int, the last few years of his life. These people include the longest serving names in Scientology, people who worked with and dealt with LRH daily – something Marty Rathbun never did.

Untrue though it is, Marty repeatedly accuses COB of having tampered with the comm to and from LRH, and having filtered everything that went to or came from LRH. A few of his henchmen support him in these allegations, and before long Marty has people who have no first hand knowledge about what actually happened passing judgment and commenting with authority on the matter. And so he creates “agreement” and creates a “reality” among his followers who then start going PTS to this.

Then, having created this “reality”, he puts out the quote above that “proves” his point – and gets his worshipers baying as they fall for the ruse – hook, line and sinker. They are convinced that management can’t be trusted and that they need to act against management. They are convinced that COB and management have broken ARC with the public by the use of lies and deceit.

Equally, they are convinced that Marty is the Savior because it was he, was it not, that “showed them the light”.

This is the same thing that goes on in the media on a routine basis. A paper prints a falsehood; then other papers pick it up and print it in their reports; and so a falsehood is perpetuated and becomes a fact. It is using this same principle that Marty attempts to prove that the public are ARC Broken with management.

The actual truth is that there are many thousands of people on lines all over the world working happily with management to get Scientology training and processing sold and delivered, and to get our 4th Dynamic campaigns accelerated. Day by day our orgs are getting bigger and our reach extends further – no thanks to Marty and his “army” who claim to “love LRH and the Tech”.

Anyway, as the subject is ARC I went to the Professional Dianetics Course Lectures as that is where LRH first announced the discovery of the ARC triangle and its application (Los Angeles, November, 1950).

ARC was to be the bedrock of LRHs research and discovery for the next 35 years. Despite all that additional research, LRH repeatedly referred to these lectures as the very best dissertation on ARC, never to be bettered.

If you have studied these lectures you will know that there is a lot to cover about ARC and a lot of material that exposes Marty Rathbun’s perversions of it. In the interests of concluding this article and staying relatively brief, I will go into other aspects of this another time.

For now, just look at this. The Professional Dianetics Lectures – so valued by LRH – were thought to be lost. A huge effort was made to find them all, restore them, transcribe them into many languages and then finally make them available to everyone.

We all know who the driving force behind the recovery of lost tech is. Prior to these lectures coming out a few months ago, all we had was Notes on the Lectures, a book compiled of students’ notes about the lectures! The lectures themselves were missing and unavailable since 1950. (And having studied both them and the old Notes on the Lectures Book I assure you there is no comparison).

That same person has also been responsible for getting the films of LRH re-mastered so that everyone can have access to him in the best possible format – I am talking of course about the Interview with LRH, the Clearing Congress and the Classification and Gradation Video. And as you all know, that same person has ensured that the Basics, Congresses and ACCs are all available and easier to assimilate than ever before.

On the one hand we have COB relentlessly working to get LRH tech made available to as many people as possible in ever increasing numbers, and continually presenting LRH in the best possible light. His products and his actions show him to be working to increase the public’s knowledge and affinity for LRH. By studying the Basics and the ACCs and the Congresses, people gain a better Understanding of Scientology and LRH. Understanding is ARC.

On the other side we have Marty Rathun. He claims to respect LRH, but throughout his blog he is continually working to decrease LRH’s stature with the public. Throughout his site we find comments to the effect that “LRH was not perfect”; “LRH was just a man”. And now we also have the subtly insinuated lie that “LRH went PTS”.

It is Marty Rathbun that is tampering with the affinity and lines to the Goal Maker.

It is Marty that is seeking to minimize LRH.

It is Marty that is seeking to damage people’s Reality of LRH and thereby reduce their ARC for him.

And that is Suppressive.