Atheists or Religious Haters?

Arielle Silverstein and Tony Ortega

Here’s a new twist on Mark “Marty” Rathbun’s theory of “integration,’’ in which he sees other philosophies and religious belief systems complementing the already altered tech he delivers under the guise of his so-called counseling.

If Rathbun wants to go the ecumenical route, that’s fine, but – as we’ve already noted – to position himself as a believer in the doctrines of L. Ron Hubbard is sophistry. As we recently pointed out, Rathbun is facing dissension in the “indie” ranks, a loosely-knit and highly sensitive group that has recently called his “leadership” into question. This naturally has ramifications on Rathbun’s income stream and, because his “wife” Mosey no longer brings home the bacon, he is the family breadwinner – like it or not.

Rathbun has recently been at odds with anti-Scientologist Tony Ortega who posted on his blog that the “guru’s” Bulverde, Texas compound was no more than a “halfway house” where former Scientologists can get a taste of the “indie’’ medicine as part of weaning off Scientology for good, an observation that, sources tell us, did not sit well with Rathbun.

Now the two seem to have patched up their tiff as their blogs have been echoing each other in forwarding another round of stale and baseless anti-Scientology rants.

But we do have to wonder how Rathbun’s new-found integration theory fits in with Ortega’s own religious bias. It’s a form of bigotry that is all inclusive in that it targets other religions beyond Scientology.

Here’s the background:

Ortega lives with his girlfriend, Arielle Silverstein, in an apartment on E. 89th St. on Manhattan’s well-heeled Upper East Side. By all appearances, Silverstein is a stylish New York working woman who heads downtown every day to her job at the United Nations.

That’s the appearance, but Arielle Silverstein’s reality is far different. From the relative anonymity of the Internet, she has taken on a side job – posting offensive anti-religious comments and jokes about a whole host of religions.

Silverstein guards her identify by posting on various web sites under the name “Bozuri.” Her online offerings from the self-described “Jewish Atheist” have ranged from posting anti-Semitic cartoons featuring Jews with long noses to making fun of the prophet Mohammed with cartoons of the same variety that in the past have inflamed the Muslim world and led to violence and murder.

Silverstein and her online pals, however, apparently find humor in this religion bashing that targets Christianity and Jesus as well as the aforementioned faiths.  To make matters worse, Silverstein creates these postings on the UN’s dime – using her work computer to spew her tirades which, of course, also forward her boyfriend’s anti-Scientology attacks.

The UN, meanwhile, would no doubt be unhappy at Silverstein’s extra-curricular conduct since the organization’s official policy states “while staff members’ personal views and convictions, including their religious convictions, remain inviolable, staff members shall ensure that those views and convictions do not adversely affect their official duties of the interests of the United Nations.”

It’s really not that big of a surprise that Ortega, who has repeatedly shown that he has no respect for religion, would get involved with this kind of women. Perhaps it’s their common bond – what drew them together in the first place, and we can only imagine the pillow talk that goes on when the lights go out in their E. 89th St. lovenest.

But what would Rathbun – the new master of “integration” and religious inclusion – think of all this?

Maybe he wouldn’t care – after all, it is Tony Ortega’s life, let him do as he please.

Or, maybe Rathbun would be appalled at such reprehensible behavior on the part of his blogosphere buddy.

We don’t really think so, though. Rathbun and Ortega may have a common purpose in attacking Scientology but that’s where their relationship seems to begin and end with their negativity feeding off each other in a bizarre and unholy alliance.

Put it this way. You would never put Ortega in Rathbun’s “best good buddy” category, which is occupied, of course, by Mike Rinder who, by the way, worships everything that Rathbun and Ortega say.