Ayatollah, Little Green Men, Plants, and these things crawling around my shack – the real story

I was swatting and spraying the little critters in my shack that were planted there by – who else – OSA and their covert minions, who are always watching and following me, trying to instill palpable terror in my heart and mind. I was getting madder and madder, especially at the hired investigators who are now dressing up in green leotards with little antennae on their heads, and always following me. The church has gotten clever and must be hiring midgets, who move really fast, because they’re always disappearing just when you look right at them. Actually, a couple of them are dressing up like Roman legionnaires, too. I’ll be damned if I know what that’s all about. OSA is after me they are out to destroy me and the independents. They are everywhere.

But what was really making me mad was how do I keep a lot of articles going up on my blog. I’ve said every outrageous thing I can think of and I’m still not getting many new members, just the ethics bait.

And then, I remembered the advice I heard in a vision once when I was in jail (for being only mildly intoxicated, honest!) “What would Wile E. Coyote say?”  I know I am being terrorized by being called a “squirrel” and “disaffected” just because of a few times I used an old TV antenna to help my PC’s channel their “whole track.”  But I’m good at this because I studied the real data without the interference of those pesky supervisors and Class XII priests asking me questions like, “what do your materials state?”) I also thought “corrupt golden domes” was a nice touch.

As long as I keep doing clever stuff like this, those little green creeps can’t stop me.

Please I am serious, no tin foil.

Live from the Shack.