Catching Turncoat Indie Spies

Minerva and I thought it useful to readers of this blog to have some idea of how to spot Turncoat Indie Spies, as you may run into them in your travels up the Bridge. Scientologists actively on lines taking services are particular targets of these people because their ultimate purpose is to stop people from actually getting better. There’s only one handling for these people once they’ve been spotted. Persuade them to get a complete and full clean up, and direct them to a proper Church terminal for the real data and in-Tech handling. Allowing them to slide down the dwindling spiral they are on without doing anything about it is to condemn them to a future worse than if they had never started on the Road to Truth.

Note: These aren’t just our ideas. Most of these points have been gleaned from communications received by us from Scientologists reporting how they were approached, and from others who have had to deal with such people directly and their victims. There are quite a few other points than the ones that follow, but these will do for a starter.

Indie turncoat spies have demonstrated several – and some most – of the following behavior patterns which they use to avoid detection of their out-ethics and avoid getting off withholds of their complicity with or participation in suppressive acts that are being committed against the Church, against the tech and against LRH (and of course, against all dynamics.)

1.  The first indicator (and often the first step in becoming an Indie turncoat spy) is that when a person happens to get hit with some piece of negative “information” in the media or on the Internet or from a “friend”, which is enturbulating, they are put on a withhold if they don’t contact the MAA or a Church PR or the DSA and get the correct data. They will begin to manifest the withhold(s).

2.  An Indie turncoat spy tends to listen to gossip, rumors, bad news, entheta [it is a tone level thing] and tends to gravitate toward those sources, and be titillated by the “sensational” claims they’ve exposed themselves to. They will begin to distrust high-toned communication such as that from the Church and Church terminals and automatically reject it.

3.  When someone wants to spread natter and disaffection but doesn’t know if you will be mutual out-ruds, they will often approach you with a question like, “Have you seen the [entheta] CNN shows on Scientology?” or “did you read the [entheta] articles in the SP Times?” without expressing any opinion at first. That way they can test whether you’ve been watching and/or reading entheta, and might have started to buy into any of the claims. (The bank follows the line of attack.)

4.  They often couch all their natter in the form of “upsets” i.e. ARC breaks and “disagreements” with [the Church, management, reges, etc.] and ask you not to report it to anyone, to just keep it amongst yourselves. The covert comm being that it’s “unsafe” to say what you really “think.” Plus it’s an effort to put you on a withhold, too.

5.  They try and convince you that these points of upset cannot get handled in the Church on standard lines because the Church has supposedly gone so far off the rails [despite abundant LRH policy, the ethics and justice policy, to help remedy any situation, etc.]  They may even go so far as to try and make you believe that the LRH policy which makes it a suppressive act to publicly attack the Church or prominent persons in the Church in the press or on someone’s blog no longer applies or should be ignored. Or worse, that “LRH would want you to” bring down the Church.

6.  If anyone like an MAA were ever to pull them in to question them about their disaffection and black PR they have picked up on the Church, COB and/or management the handling for the Indie turncoat spy is to LIE through their teeth no matter what. They will even go so far as to say they love COB or have no problem or the like and PR themselves out of it as thoroughly and as well as they can to give interviewer the impression they got the point so as to get out of the interview/handling and then continue in a covert way.

7.  They avoid going on the meter at all costs.  Some even go so far to avoid detection as telling people they are on a win and feeling fine so that they can avoid getting their withholds addressed.

8.  If they are pulled and are caught i.e. they have been confronted with irrefutable evidence of their involvement with suppressive acts they will avoid at all costs revealing who they were in cahoots with [until they decide that they need to get honest and straight and start getting off their withholds].

9.  If put on the meter, they will skirt/avoid answering a direct question about who they have been in comm with in hopes that the auditor/interviewer will miss it.

10.   If they have a “friend” who is getting auditing, who they know has knowledge about their involvement with SPs (in direct comm, posting on SPs blogs under fake names, or just going to the SP sites and reading entheta and getting enturbulated), the Indie turncoat spy will frequently inquire how their “friend” is doing in their auditing in hopes of gleaning some information as to whether the person is getting off overts which will lead to their detection.

11.  The disaffected Indie turncoat spy will “feel you out” to see if you are a “friend” by putting out bits of information from the Friend’s of LRH site which is an attack on COB (and LRH for that matter) to see if you latch onto it so they can direct you where to find more entheta and black PR.

11a) They will engage in name dropping in a very creepy way. They particularly like to make their entheta sources sound like they are the ultimate “inner sanctum” guys, so what they are claiming must be valid. (At least this is what “indies” like Marty, Mike and Steve Hall managed to pass off with media hacks.) From claims of having been responsible for the IRS exemption to being a head speech writer, or in Mike’s case, “I was a competent PR,” they’ve used manufactured or highly exaggerated claims to convince their motivator-hungry audience that they know what they’re talking about.

12.  They will try and undermine Church expansion plans and strategies by using snippets of LRH quotes that may seem to back up what they are saying, but which in fact are at least slightly out of context and are merely being used to criticize and stop expansion/dissemination.

13.  They typically spend a lot of time reading entheta from SPs – sometime about 4-5 hours per day – despite LRH policy that it is a suppressive act in and of itself to remain connected to an SP.

14. A key indicator in detecting the Indie turncoat spy is that they work to NEVER say that anything the Church or COB is doing is right or on policy – unless they are doing so in order to avoid detection and avoid getting off their withholds. Occasionally one might say something positive to try and show they are being “fair” or “even-handed” but this is primarily a 1.1. ruse to deflect observation of just how corrupt they actually have become, and how one-sided (anti-Scientology) they actually are.

15.  If the disaffected Indie turncoat spy has gone completely overt and is now overtly attacking Scientology, he will still try and confuse the matter by spinning the lie that despite his violations of policy on suppressive acts, he is still a Scientologist.  (Instead of the source of his constant natter being his own overts and withholds, it is really some falsely noble posture of “whistleblowing”.)

16. Once the turncoat has gone “full Indy,” other patterns of behavior are easily spotted, and at that point you can tell your real friends “I told you so”:

a) They protest that they are “pro-Scientology” or “pro-LRH” or “on-Source” yet work to unmock the efforts of the Church to expand and succeed, often teaming up with the most openly hateful anti-Scientologists. Some, like Rathbun, Rinder, and their “friends” even collude with members of the media and suppressive lawmakers whose stated goals are to make Scientology itself illegal. When they are not themselves connected to such people, they do actively support those who are, like Rathbun, Rinder, Steve Hall, et al.

b) Some or most will try to not-is the incestuous connections between most of their fellow “independents” and rabidly anti-social personalities and organizations, working to destroy Scientology and defame LRH and Church management. They also have no answer for the squirrely fellow “indies” they support who “audit” over the internet or in hot-tubs, refuse to keep worksheets or fly ruds, devise “ingenious shortcuts” in doing the “OT levels,” or, in Ralph Hilton’s case, “audit” while watching porn.

c) They will try to justify themselves into a sub-zero scale state where black is white and white is black. Reversals of fact are the order of the day. Sites such as this one are called “entheta” by them because we dare to call them on their natter, and call it for what it is – natter and suppression. Outrageously squirrel ideas, procedures, and practices are promoted as “standard” and “on-source.” One of the bigger reversals is that they must destroy the Church in order to “save” Scientology.

d) They will try to convince you that the Bridge that produces shining, winning PC’s, Pre-OTs, and OT’s daily has been altered from Source, and that the “indies” are engaged in restoring “lost tech.” Upon closer inspection, you note that the “lost tech” includes Mayo’s NOTS, out-of-date and uncertified meters, C/Sing while in the auditing chair (when C/Sing at all) and super-acknowledgements available only in certain obscure parts of Texas. Some of the “lost tech,” (like Service Facsimile handling) was never lost at all (being in full use in the Church) but is a hobby-horse of one “tech terminal” who is so beset by life and livingness that he feels that every aspect of life is making him wrong, so he wants everyone ELSE’S Ser Fac’s handled.

e) The one part of the claimed “lost tech” that they will NEVER try to re-instate is the overt/withhold tech. Not one member of the so-called “independents” would sit still for a full O/W handling, and most blew the Church at the very point where they were being expected to sit down with a Church terminal and get cleaned up.

There are lots of other things to look for after a person has gone “full indy,” but this list is just to get you started. Stay tuned for more…