Chrissie Pearlman – the only “power” she has is to enturbulate

I recently received an email about the Pearlmans, and in particular Chrissie, that I wanted to share with you.

I knew the author of this post when we were briefly on staff together in LA, and consider her to be one of the most sincere and level headed people I know.

Her insight into Chrissie is illuminating and anyone who has done any training on the PTS/SP tech will immediately see the signature signs of the merchant of chaos.

The Pearlmans are an interesting family.

The father, Murray, was an old OTV who claimed he’d been trained on Ethics tech by LRH personally (and he definitely comes across as a know-best in the area).

“Every being has an infinite ability to survive.

How well he accomplishes this is dependent on how well

he uses ethics on his dynamics.”  LRH

Ethics, Justice and the Dynamics

Despite this apparent knowledge of a technology that provides people with an infinite ability to survive, Murray hasn’t moved on the Bridge in years.  He gave many reasons for that, but the truth is that he had contracted hepatitis back from when he was a needle-using junkie.

It wasn’t just himself that he failed to help with the tech, there was his wife Exilda, and his daughter Chrissie too.

But the person he failed the most was his daughter Chrissie, as you will see.  He has failed at every opportunity to put her ethics in, and has instead, through his continual support and understanding (encouragement) of her out ethics allowed her to waste a life.

This suppressive reasonableness did not start where the email picks up on her, rather, it has been ongoing all her life.

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Chrissie had a go at trying to be an SO member in LA but did not do well and soon routed out. She nattered a lot to her friends about how suppressive her senior had been to her, and she bragged that even though she had been threatened with declare, she has not been.

Chrissie got pregnant by a wandering non-Scientologist when she was 17 or 18 and had a daughter by him. The father was never a part of their life shortly after the baby arrived. During this time and for years afterwards, Chrissie lived in her parents’ house in San Diego and was supported 100% by her parents.  They paid her  Bridge, she had a nice car and everything else. Her exchange was keeping their bills and household organized. She was never lacking for designer jeans, shopping sprees, or anything else she wanted.

While at SD she attested to Past Life Clear and moved to LA to do her OT levels.  She got through OT V at AOLA with the help of her parents and  another Scientology family that she was working for (they fronted her money and she has never paid them back) and an insurance claim from when she totaled her car.

Having got that far, Chrissie then wanted to go to Clearwater and continue on the Bridge, and so once again it was her parents who came to her support.  They bought her a nice little house in CW and took care of having it renovated, landscaped and paid all upkeep and bills, plus the cost of her daughter going to a private school.  All she had to do was earn some money and pay for the Bridge.  With no other expenses whatsoever, that would not take long for most thetans to do.

After she moved to CW, Chrissie and I continued to stay in regular comm.  I tried to help her with the various problems she had in life and would advise her and refer her to policy and tech to handle situations.   To no avail . . .

In LA Chrissie was one of those people who are always surrounded by conflict and enturbulation, and as a result she always had a hard time getting (and especially keeping) a job.  Apparently this was no different after she moved to Clearwater, where she continued to get herself embroiled in one upset after another.

Despite her limited education and few marketable skills, she always had a very high impression of her own self-worth in terms of what she brought to the table. The people that employed her were not impressed with her worth or her arrogance and she never lasted longer than a couple of weeks at any job, usually far less.

Chrissie’s inflated ideas of her abilities were not just confined to the workplace.   She thought she was better than most and constantly told all her friends how capable she really was.  Her speciality was her constant and covert nattering about and denigrated OT’s that “weren’t trained”.  She really looked down on them.

Unlike them, Chrissie was trained, and she made sure to tell everyone.  She was a Class VIII, no less.  She had been trained in an earlier lifetime!

(This is a new one on me.  I have dealt with many people that claimed amazing Past Life case states, but a Past Life Class VIII!!  No doubt personally trained by Ron, just like her dad.  You have to laugh.  Minerva)

Unfortunately, her actual this-lifetime training was very limited and glib, and used mostly to self-aggrandize and make herself right and others wrong. She claimed she had an amazing power to duplicate.

She couldn’t seem to get a 2D to save her life but every day, according to her, some guy was “obsessed” with her.  In her universe she was the most beautiful, desirable woman ever (find a photo of her and you’ll see that this is far from accurate duplication or perception of self). She went nearly 2 years without a steady paying job because she got fired; the work wasn’t good enough for her; because she got migraines working in an office; all manner of excuses.  Bottom line is that at the end of the day she produced nothing with any exchange value at all. Her parents continued to support her and her daughter throughout this time.

After dismally failing to generate any income of her own, Chrissie elected to use her credit cards to get onto OT VII instead.  That heralded an entire new band of “I’m better than you”.  Soon after starting on VII she became obsessed with some guy (who, as it turns out, had no interest in her whatsoever), and she fantasized to herself that he was secretly crazy about her. For months and months, all she talked about to me, and other mutual friends, was him. Apparently he was practically the only point of address in her sessions, with no real change in the physical universe in spite of her claims that she was making lots of case gain in the area. In retrospect, it amounts to NCG (no case gain). Her self-professed “amazing ability to duplicate” was in fact not high enough for her to be able to as-is.

Her life, although mundane in nearly every respect, was never lacking in drama. She had an amazing ability to surround herself with the most amazing mix of constant conflict that I’ve ever witnessed (having been an active staff member on Div 6 and Div 2 lines, it’s not like I’ve been shielded from conflict). Someone (usually an upstat OT) was always “out to get her” and she was always “fighting the good fight” for justice and freedom. Anyone she op-termed with was designated a 1.1 by her.

The reason, she claimed, such people were attracted to her and wanted to do her in because she had so much “free theta”. I witnessed this “game” of hers personally during her years in LA and according to mutual friends, this continued after she moved to Clearwater as well. The irony of it was that no one but her seemed to even notice all these purported conflicts and cabals that she was always “surrounded” by and engrossed in.  Being completely supported by her parents, the consensus amongst us was that she simply did not have enough problems – she needed a job and she need a damn good 2D, both of which were beyond her reach.

Chrissie’s last attack on an OT that I know about was a personal vendetta she had against an ex-friend of hers who was a professional field auditor and Solo NOTs auditor. She claimed this person had falsely attributed things to her, and as a result Flag had incorrectly named her as the third party in an investigation. She contacted numerous people in LA, including me, to try to get us all to KR this field auditor so Chrissie could prove that the field auditor was an SP. I’m sure this backfired on her as well, as the field auditor who was the target of Chrissie’s vendetta went on to win the Field Auditor of the year last year.

In Aug or so of 2009 Chrissie declared bankruptcy and blew off Solo NOTs around the same time. She had been telling people she was done with Solo NOTs but when Flag didn’t let her attest, she refused to continue. Within the same few weeks, her mother also blew herself off Solo NOTs.

She then went to England.  Once in England, Chrissie and Samantha Domingo wasted no time at all in making their true intentions known. It turns out they had already decided to join the squirrel Marty Rathbun and his crew before they relocated, but they weren’t saying anything publicly. They were both asked to stay away from the St. Hill base and in the small town they lived in, word got around quickly what they stood for, and they didn’t find many open doors.  Chrissie’s mother, father, brother, sister-in-law and her dad all jumped ship around the same time to be on Marty’s side. Most of them (Sam, Chrissie, and Chrissie’s parents) posted public announcements on his site declaring their “independence” from the Church of Scientology. Samantha’s triumphant rant was pages long and contained more natter and motivators (thinly veiled as a de-PTS’ing “confession”) than you can shake a stick at. Chrissie’s parents made themselves appear as paragons of standard tech, while of course publicly joining a squirrel group. Their collective joining of Marty’s group was date-coincident (to the day) with another major expansion for the church: the release of the ACC’s.

Chrissie had always prided herself on being able to create effects on OT’s based on her purported ability to elicit “psychotic” (her favorite word) reactions around her. She bragged to me that a friend of hers had nicknamed her “Princess Kryptonite” for her ability to cause these effects, a nickname she wore with pride. Ironically, the actual ability of the fictional kryptonite is that it is an evil substance that causes cancer in the good guys! In hindsight, it’s possible that she invented the nickname for herself. Although she did have the power to enturbulate, her claims in this area seemed grossly overstated, since she didn’t in fact have a lot of actual horsepower. However, from her viewpoint, her ability to generate upset was a testament to her power as a thetan.

For them, it must have been a big family win when they all “joined forces” to jump over to Rathbun’s side. Between that and her publicly posted letter to Flag/OSA, Chrissie must have felt more powerful than ever before, and in her universe she probably thinks she caused something the magnitude of the Haiti earthquake.

In the real world the only affect created amongst her former friends when we heard what she had done was the realization of “what an idiot, guess we gave her more credit than she deserved”.

Chrissie landed a major coup when she got herself a 2D, her first in 7 or more years. He was a 22 year-old London org staff member. His parents were both in the SO, working in Belgium for the Human Rights division. He was actually closer in years to Chrissie’s daughter than Chrissie but hey, a guy who truly cared for her was a major upstat for her. For Shane’s part, he was over the moon, because Chrissie was the first girlfriend he’d ever had.

Her boyfriend got called back to Flag. Once Flag realized who his 2D was, they most likely tried to take action to de-PTS him, and for obvious reasons didn’t want him to communicate with her during his stay there. Chrissie then used Marty Rathbun’s website to publicly broadcast a threatening letter she wrote to OSA and Flag which “demanded the release” of her boyfriend (Shane Weightman) from his “false imprisonment at Flag”. The letter stated she would not rest “until his human rights are fully restored” and also seemed to imply that she would take legal action as needed.

A friend of mine who happened to be at Flag had seen Shane during that same time, walking around at Flag and at graduation and he certainly wasn’t being held prisoner, and he seemed pretty cheerful in fact.

I spoke to someone in Clearwater who actually had called OSA to make sure they were aware of this threat by Chrissie. The OSA terminal was told that it sounded like she was ready to call the cops on Flag. The OSA terminal said that Chrissie had already had done so. The cops had arrived the previous day to investigate Chrissie’s claim but Shane had already left the country more than 24 hours prior. They did what is called a “welfare check”, found everything to be in order, and left, and that was the end of it.

Very shortly after Shane’s return to England,  Shane and Chrissie tied the knot. Their wedding photo has been widely publicized by Marty and his crew with a “Chrissie and Shane prevail!!!” header on it. They have become a symbol of unity and “love conquers all” to the squirrel nest. It is no surprise that they would tout this victory and attempt so hard at getting more mileage out of it, since it created a fair amount of destruction and heartache. Either Shane managed to pull his parents out of the SO or he no longer has a relationship with them, and London org lost a decent staff member.

Another ex-friend of Chrissie’s counted the number of 2D’s that Chrissie has “helped” and “advised” on that blew up WAY out of proportion and got extremely messy. Over the course of 4 years, Chrissie was “right in there” counseling and hand-holding and helping 6 different 2D’s that were having trouble. ALL of them got incredibly noisy and messy and finally exploded beyond the point of no return. At least she’s finally off the market now and made her true intentions known, so it will be much harder for her to fool others.

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