Constructive or Destructive – Analyzing the Squirrel, Mark Rathbun

“The research results you would be interested in show clearly that there are two types of behavior – that calculated to be constructive and that calculated to be disastrous.

These are the two dominant behavior patterns. There are people then who are trying to build things up and others who are trying to tear things down.

And there are no other types. Actually there aren’t even shades of gray.” LRH 2 April 74 Two Types of People.

From personal experience with him I know that Mark Rathbun is someone who likes to ‘calculate things to be disastrous’. He used to do this against enemies of the Church, and at times it seemed he was good at it. I guess it should be no real surprise to discover then that the first time be blew was within a week of the win against the IRS. The win that announced that “The war is over”.

With the war over Rathbun was at a loose end. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that he had brought about the win, or was responsible for the ‘peace’ that now existed. He had sabotaged various law suits prior to that time, usually by preventing settlement but also by gross errors of judgment, in an effort to keep them going, but others had bypassed to sort them out, and, along with IRS, most of the other litigation was also terminated.

Rathbun describes himself as “The Terminator”. With nothing to fight, he was out of business. Incapable of routing out, he chose the coward’s option of tucking his tail between his legs and scampering.

Recovered due to a sense of compassion for someone who had once been a team member, Rathbun was to be retrained as an auditor. He was sent to the Freewinds to do this training along with two highly trained auditors to twin with him and also get him up the Bridge. A helping hand that no one else (that I have ever heard of) was given before or since.

For a while it appeared that he had in fact changed, and by applying the tech to others he had become a being who was “trying to build things up”. Hindsight allows us to now see that was an apparency, and that the reality is that he was devotedly working to gain access to all levels of the tech, so that he could claim to be a tech ‘guru’. He had a plan. A disastrous plan, and his seeming to toe the line was all a part of that.

Before he could get trained as a C/S, Marty was spotted for what he was and an attempt made to get his ethics in. He was thus repressed in his goal, and as one would expect, he got ill as fully explained in Two Types of People.

“The disaster type can be repressed into inactivity (and illness) …” LRH

Sick and ‘PTS because he was being prevented from dramatizing his evil intentions’, he blew again only to involve himself in a near fatal accident.

The near death experience seems to have snapped him into PT for a while, as he called in and reported to Flag, where he was put on another program intended to help him out. He did light MEST work (only as much as he felt like doing), went to the gym each day to work out, got extensive medical treatments to handle his medical conditions including full body scan, and was allowed to study whenever he liked.

Marty endured this kindness for about 9 months before he decided to blow again. As he said in his own words “I was in the best physical condition I had ever been in”. ‘I decided to leave because it was the last game of the season and I wanted to see a ball game – so I just kept on walking’.

Mary could have had the decency to route out standardly. It is unlikely anyone would have had an issue with it, and it would have been nothing more than a formality.

Marty also knows that LRH says the only reason people blow is because of their own overts and withholds, and that to blow was therefore an admittance of such. He obviously, by his actions then and since, has no regard for what LRH says, or thinks it doesn’t apply to him or that he is above it.

Despite what has to have been the shortest runway ever for anyone wanting to leave, the “Terminator” was too cowardly to do that. He had to sneak off when no one was looking making it a grand slam, 3 blows in a row.

With no constraints on him at all, Rathbun is now showing his real colors. He is taking actions “calculated to be disastrous” to the Church. He is dramatizing his basic goal, which is “To tear things down”.

I have had several people talk to me privately now by email who have communicated with Rathbun directly and who are alarmed at his intention to destroy the Church. Sure publicly he says he wants to save Scientology, but that is only a ruse to sugar-coat his intention to get rid of management and all orgs and their buildings from the FSO on down. There are posts on this site from people who have come forward to tell what they know of his intentions.

Along with that intention goes his intention to destroy the tech by squirreling it. He can deliver Clear in minutes; he says people can solo audit without a C/S; he does not use sec checks; he accepts all illegal PCs; he can train people without them having to do the ‘hard’ emeter drills, without them having to do flubless TR0, and with their being able to spot an F/N in seconds.

Mark Rathbun is a squirrel and is an SP. He cannot build things up. He specializes in tearing things down.