Demystifying F/Ns; Call ’em before you see ’em by Mark “Marty” Rathbun

This is a guest article from Mark “Marty” Rathbun.

by Marty Rathbun

I get a regular stream of communication from people asking me to clarify the subject of F/Ns.

It is no secret to any Scientologist that the Floating Needle, or F/N is the single most important read in auditing. It tells you when you have done enough for the PC, and it tells the PC that it is OK to stop looking for answers or wondering why something is going on, and lets them know that you have found it for him. It is something the auditor uses to direct his PC’s attention and to get him thinking happy thoughts and off of thinking unhappy thoughts.

Use of this read is an ART – not a science.

That is where the Church has gone wrong. They think it is a science – the most fundamentally stupid thing you could ever think about an F/N. In fact, the church is so stupid it thinks that it can train people into spotting F/Ns by showing LRH films of F/Ns, having simulators that create all the different types of F/Ns in varying sizes, and by making students put people on the cans and spot F/Ns.

Anyone training in the Church has to spend hours and hours on this pointless and squirrel activity. Well let me assure you that if you simply read and apply what I tell you here, you will know a thousand times more about F/Ns than anyone in the Church, and will have no further trouble with your PCs.

Get this as a Stable Datum. Spotting and producing F/Ns is an ART. It requires knowingness. An F/N is NOT something the e-meter does, it is something the Auditor USES to start and end the session, and to steer the session and guide the PC. F/Ns are often used to handle the PC, no matter what the e-meter may be doing. There is no direct relationship between the meter and an F/N, and any rhythmical sweep of the dial by the needle when a PC has a cognition is purely coincidental.  This may seem counter-intuitive to those of you who have been brainwashed by the church, but stick with me and you will get it.

I refer back to my earlier comment, which, in essence, contains everything you need to know on the subject. For the more dim witted of you I will expand on that and give some examples. If you still don’t get it after that, then you really should be thinking about another profession.

In August last year Doc “Smith” responded to my comments that the Church has changed the LRH definitions of F/Ns as follows:

Doc “Smith” // August 4, 2010 at 3:15 pm |


“I was on Pro metering a couple years ago, we weren’t shown a new definition, but if we didn’t wait the obligatory 3 swings we were made to word clear the definition of rhythmic referring to HCOB 21 July 1978 “What is a Floating Needle? A floating needle is a rhythmic sweep of the dial at a slow, even pace of the needle. That’s what an F/N is. No other definition is correct. LRH’”

“So we weren’t given a new definition, just forced to accept an interpretation of the definition. If you didn’t buy it you had to find your M/U.”

• martyrathbun09 // August 4, 2010 at 3:22 pm

“A subtle technical point. My observation. Most, if not all, F/Ns do as the redefinition describes. However, if one    waits for all that to occur before indicating the F/N, in most cases it doesn’t live to perform that phenomena. As a sage man once quipped, “the meter was made in the nawth.”

Now right there I have given you one of the best, most all encompassing, definitions of an F/N that was ever written. If you just understand what I wrote there you will have no more trouble at all. First off – if you wait for an F/N to appear it doesn’t appear.

Second, “The meter was made in the nawth” refers to the fact that your head is usually above your feet and that up is typically referred to as North by cartographers. For those who don’t get it, it means that the meter was made in your head. In other words it is no more and no less than what you think it is, and your thoughts about needle phenomena are senior to the phenomena themselves.

If you think that the needle is going to do something because of what is going on with the PC, then you clearly think it has something to do with what is going on in his head. And there’s the joke. The meter has to do with what is going on in your head.

To be a really top notch auditor you have to know what is going on with your PC before he knows it and before the  meter knows it. The meter is precognitive and registers on the PC before he knows it, but you have to be precognitive of the meter to be a fine auditor.

That is what I mean about not waiting for all that to occur. You don’t wait for the meter to show an F/N because if you do it won’t ever F/N. You know the PC should be F/Ning so you call the F/N, and then the meter will F/N if its going to and then the PC will F/N if she is going to. That is the sequence.

The meter will always read what you think it should read, and that depends on what you want to have done in the  session.

Let me give you an example of how to use F/Ns in a real session environment.

Christie had come to see me because she was having all this morning sickness trouble after Mike had knocked her up (not sure it really was him but that is for another day).

Now we all know that sickness is because of PTSness, and that all PTSness is because of COB. So to fix her up all we have to do is make her realize that her morning sickness is because of COB. And to do that we use F/Ns.

Before I really get into the example, let me say this. You may have just been amazed at my tremendous perspicacity. How did I know that the problem was COB?  Well you have to stay glued to my blog and you will eventually become as adept at me at spotting his cause behind everything.  And when you can do that without a second thought, your training is complete.

Here’s how the session went.

I had her pick up the cans and give them a squeeze.  The squeeze is important because it established affinity – people only squeeze things they like, usually, and it reminds them of being a kid and getting a hug.

As soon as that was done, I started the session by saying, “Your needle is floating.” That is how you start a session – you look your PC straight in the eyes, and say, “Your needle is floating” if they have a happy look after doing a squeeze.

Having started the session I said, “What’s up?”

Now here I am giving away another of my secrets, but that is, honestly, the only question you need to know as an auditor. PC’s always know what is wrong with them, so all you have to do is ask them.

Christie says to me something like (I don’t remember exactly and I don’t use worksheets because I do my own C/Sing right there as I go along if any is needed), “I keep throwing up all the time, and is not because I wake up and see Mike next to me.”

Right there we had the problem I had already figured out, so I said to her, “OK. You are sick!” And then just to make sure she really got it, I used the F/N. That is how and why you use F/Ns. I said, “Your needle is floating.”

So then I said to her, “What’s up with this sickness – why are you sick?”

And here is where I had to use the F/N again, to keep her on track. She started saying something about being worried about money because Mike is a lazy bum and if Robert Almblad stops the handouts they’ll have nothing and no hope of

. . .

So I cut her off and told her, “Your needle floated on Mike being a bum so that’s obviously not the problem.” See, by telling her where her needle floated I told her what bit she got right and that its not needed to go down that road any more and she should be happy.

We were short of time (well, she wasn’t paying so I just wanted to get to the point) so I said to her, “Who is the biggest SP you know of?”

Christie is not the sharpest tool in the box, and she said, “Hitler.”

I just looked at her and shook my head. She tried again, “Haydn James.”

Again I shook my head. Because that was quite a good guess I said, “Close. Nice try. But your needle is not floating. An even bigger SP please.”

And so we went on with her listing out all sorts of stupid things until I said to her “Don’t you read my blog.  Are you stupid?!  Do I need to reach over and slap you?”

Then she got it and said, “Oh, Miscaviage.”

“Right!”, I said. “Spot on. Your needle is floating.”

See how it works? Right there I let her know she had got it right, and you could see the relief on her face. I pointed out that she wasn’t throwing up any more and that was it. Session over.

In just under 2 minutes I cured her of morning sickness, and she remains cured to this day. She went back home to Florida and the next day had a miscarriage. Problem solved!!

But do you see the clever use of the F/N there? When she was going to tell me about a problem that had nothing to do with anything, I used the F/N to cut her off. When she was giving wrong answers I have her a “No F/N”.  And when she finally said the right thing I let her know with a friendly smile that her needle was floating.

Now if I had waited until I had seen an F/N rather than just knowing there was going to be an F/N because I knew what the problem was, then she might never have realized that Miscaviage was causing her morning sickness.

She probably would have come up with something insane like an engram – you know how crazy some PCs can get.

Hope this has helped. If in doubt just call the F/N and end the session. After all, an F/N is the end phenomena. Bottom line, auditing a PC is a bit like handling a dog. If you can make a dog wag its tail, you can make a PC F/N.

Talking of which, where is that ugly bitch of mine?

–  Mark Marty Rathbun

(Note: if you have not figured out that this is a parody. Read it again)