Desperate Marty

Marty isn’t really going in the direction of making anyone freer, is he? His intention for all of this is entirely different.

Marty is getting more and more desperate.

He had what he thought was a simple plan: take the fact that as “insiders” he and his lapdog Mike Rinder created an operating basis of  abusing those around them, blow, and then blame it on the people who ultimately found them out. There’s gold out there attacking the Church in the media and they’ll pay a lot for what Marty and Mike have to say about the “inner workings” of the Church.

But they needed a safe point from which to operate. They couldn’t just attach themselves to people like Anonymous, as they’re too obviously evil and crazy. The “independent field,” however, present themselves as still faithful to the Tech and LRH. Those people throw in enough references to Source to keep themselves thinking that they aren’t really trying to bring down their fellow man completely.

And therein lies the bright idea. Make them think Marty’s not against LRH or “real” Scientology. Turn it so that Marty’s brand is the real brand and everything else is “reverse” or “perverted.” After all, who was more “inside” and knows what LRH really intended? Who had better Source “training” without all those pesky Cl XII’s supervising him, or having to do “checksheets” and “internships” and other “arbitraries?”

These people are already sitting there with enough overts and withholds to get them to buy anything critical he says about the Church, no matter how outrageous. Tell them someone else is the abuser, and they’ll eat it up. Impress them all with twisted accounts of the “secret” workings of Church management, and attack, attack, attack. The bank follows the line of attack, and, damn, these people are all so far south they think they’re north anyway.

But he’s not getting anywhere. Sure there are media outlets and others who are happy to go with his stories. But they don’t pay enough to make a living out of this, much less get rich. The drug companies have yet to come up with any money for him and Mike. And his “field” are people who can only confront typing up comments over the internet, dropping 5 bucks in his “donate now” box, or getting together to get drunk and/or stoned. They’re hard to keep unified and enthused about the whole thing.

He’s still trying to find a way to make a living from this.

Marty’s made quite a study of hypnotism, and is now getting so desperate that he’s beginning to give away what he’s been using on his followers, in an effort to get others to think they’ve been hypnotized by the Church. He thinks it is once again clever to say it is someone else who is doing what he’s guilty of.

But one of his original lies is now beginning to become obvious. He’s losing the facade of being someone who actually believes in the Tech and LRH’s discoveries. He’s just desperately sunk down into being another purveyor of the same hackneyed, discredited, and largely ignored criticisms of Scientology that a handful of miserable meat bodies have been spouting for a long time. He’s calling the Church a “cult,” it’s followers “cool-aid drinkers,” they engage in “hypnotism” and “brainwashing,” etc.

Emperor Marty has no clothes. He’s a desperate little suppressive who tried desperately to destroy Scientology while on the inside but failed, and now that he’s out he’s still trying desperately to destroy it in it’s entirety.

And he sees himself slowly sinking down into being just another little complaining nobody, bitter that others can get the gain he can’t. Only now he’s completely cut himself off from any possibility of gain.

And he’s still looking for how he can make a buck at it.