Disagree or Disaffect?

All of us that have been around for any length of time have run into things in and with Scientology that we have not agreed with.

The big question is “What do you do about it?”

LRH has provided many ways in which disagreements can be handled, and all of these are laid out in Policy.

Some of them are covered in policies such as: Knowledge Reports; Staff Member Reports; Orders, Illegal and Cross; How To Defeat Verbal Tech; Orders, Query of; Third Dynamic De-Aberration; Rights of a Staff Member, Student and Preclears to Justice; Petitions; Ethics, Review. The list is off the top of my head and is not a complete list.

The bottom line is this. LRH provided many ways for people to follow to handle disagreements. But he expected them to be handled according to one or other of his policies.

LRH specifically did not allow for taking disagreements external to the Church without first following full procedure.

Mark Rathbun and the “independents” claim to honor and love LRH. The lie is shown by the fact that they do not apply policy in regards to handling disagreements. On the contrary, they violate such policy.

If they actually honored LRH, they would advise people to apply policy to handle any disagreements they have. Instead, they push hard for people to break away from the Church. Their intention is to disaffect people, and their product is disaffected people who have left the Church.

Why does Marty insist that people leave the Church? Because he is a coward who blew three (3) times. No matter what he tries he can’t explain that away. So, he needs other people to ‘blow’ to prove he was right. It is just a simple ser fac.

People leave because of their own overts and withholds. That is the factual fact and the hard-bound rule. A man with a clean heart can’t be hurt. The man or woman who must must must become a victim and depart is departing because of his or her own overts and withholds. It doesn’t matter whether the person is departing from a town or a job or a session. The cause is the same.” HCO PL 31 Dec. 59 BLOW-OFFS

If you do have a disagreement with another Scientologist, your org, the Church or with Management, be a Thetan and handle it using LRH Policy.

Only a coward blows. Disaffection is the squirrel solution.

– Minerva