Marty Rathbun: Still Trying to Create Disasters

Marty Rathbun has a long, inglorious record of creating one disaster after another.

LRH said in HCOB Psychosis, More About that:

“The actual basis of all psychosis is motive. It is NOT competence or incompetence.”

“A true psychotic can be brilliant or stupid, competent or incompetent. It is his general motive or purpose that determines whether or not he is insane or sane.

Famous psychotics like Napoleon, Ivan the Terrible, Stalin and Hitler were all quite brilliant yet wound up destroying everything in sight including their own people.

They had a destructive basic purpose. Every psychotic has one. It is usually covert, hidden, but in full play against his unsuspecting friends.

The sole difference in motive is whether it is destructive or constructive.

Everyone has a basic purpose. The psychotic has a destructive one.

The test of a personality, then, is whether the result of a person’s activity is destructive or constructive.”

“The being then goes on from disaster to disaster, seeking overtly or covertly to destroy everything around him.”

If you were looking for an illustration of this in the world around you, the history and actions of Marty Rathbun would be one of the best examples you can find. Not only because of the number of disasters he has left in his wake, which are now legendary, but because of the efforts he makes to see that his destructive acts are now well known.

Rathbun has admitted to some of the most destructive acts in the history of Scientology when a staff member. It was in fact being thwarted in his efforts to always create one psychotic fight, one potential disaster after another that sent Rathbun into a psychotic break wherein his hidden motives became starkly visible.

“Many antisocial personalities will freely confess to the most alarming crimes when forced to do so, but will have no faintest sense of responsibility for them.”

By his own estimate, Rathbun’s self-admitted disasters cost the Church over $40 million years ago. Today, Marty Rathbun complains painfully and loudly and attacks the Church on the subject of – what else? – money.

He spends his time now working to align himself with the most destructive (of Scientology) figures he can find.

Many of these are classic Merchants of Chaos in the media, but Rathbun has himself become such a Merchant. It is all he does.

Marty Rathbun pays lip-service to delivering some altered, unrecognizable version of Scientology processing to others, but his results there can be seen as  destructive as well, with his victims reverting to drug and alcohol abuse, families in turmoil, and others deciding against any future “services” whatsoever.

Those who share his destructive motives may support him and overlook how destructive they actually are. To them, his continuous destructive actions align with their own purposes, though they might work hard to portray their own motives otherwise.

A growing number of others who once paid attention to Rathbun are drifting away from him quietly, having come to their senses and seeing that all he does is produce destructive efforts in one form or another.

Here’s hoping that more people recognize Marty Rathbun in the LRH quotes above, and come to their senses.