Marty Rathbun: Still Diverting Attention

As Marty Rathbun whines about how people refuse to jump up and change their lives after being exposed to his “data” and “facts,” it can be easy to lose track of the fact that he doesn’t actually produce anything, yet is managing to “make a living” out of attacking Scientology.

Rathbun’s tired Criminal Mind dramatizations of seeing others as he himself is, and of declaring others guilty of what he himself does and has done has gotten him nowhere. The best he’s been able to do with it is somehow avoid having to go to work and actually produce an honest product for his living.

Instead, being the aberrative personality Rathbun truly is, he can only parasite on LRH and Scientology, all while trying to destroy them.

Rathbun’s even gotten to the absurd point where he’s trying to assert others are Suppressive Persons. This isn’t just a testament to his cluelessness, it’s a sign that he’s truly running out of new ideas of how to slander LRH and Scientology.

Yes, the same Marty Rathbun whose transgressions against his fellows are so voluminous and severe that he lives his daily life criticizing others (and making a living at it) would have us believe that someone else is a “bad boy,” and is stuck in an incident in which he was under attack.

But don’t lose track of Rathbun’s real intentions and real “products.” His intention could be summarized by “keeping as many people off the Bridge as possible.”

His “products,” aside from religious haters masquerading as grade completions, are all efforts to destroy something. Even without knowing the particulars, anyone can see how insane that is.

In 1953, LRH talked about aberrative personalities like Marty Rathbun,

“…the aberrative personality is born entirely out of the decline of the ability of the individual to produce. When the individual really recognizes his utter worthlessness to the society, he becomes an aberrative personality. Many people who cannot work physically turn to other lines of progress. They are getting on one way or another. The aberrative personality is so badly off that he can lead only a parasitic existence. You will understand, then, that people going down Tone Scale do not immediately and automatically become aberrative personalities, in our definition as here used. People become aberrative personalities out of a malevolence which insists on a high level of survival without the production of anything.”

Keep your own counsel, and look at the products being produced by those who would tell you others are bad.