Mark Rathbun dustes off and re-presents Tom Felts

Mark Rathbun seems to be running a bit low on people stepping forward to join his independent network. His latest addition is a person who has been declared for coming up on 2 years and is a known associate of the hate group anonymous. Usually Mark Marty Marcus Brutus Rathbun doesn’t support this type of far left person, but hey – you gotta take what you can get.

Tom Felts’ write up is worthy of note – because it is so jam packed with generalities and out-points.

Check this out for some really sharp, analytical, thinking. His only contact with COB was to pass him in the hallway, more than 25 years ago, when he was sent to LA for training.

In Tom’s own words “The biggest revelation was a brief face to face meeting with David Miscavige, where we passed each other in the hallway in PAC Base. I “knew” at that point that I would never be able to peacefully co-exist with that being in that state.”

According to Tom this ‘encounter’ caused him to decide to leave as soon as possible.

We have to assume that COB did nothing to Tom, for surely if he had Tom would trumpet it – “he decked me”, “he poked me in the eye”, “he snapped at me”, “he growled at me… “. But there is none of that. So quite obviously COB simply walked past him.

Who knows what COB was handling at the time, or what was on his mind. This was before the IRS win, therefore at a time when there was massive external pressure and threat. Maybe COB was tied up thinking about that. Who knows. Who cares. The fact of the matter, as anyone with some training knows, is that for Tom to ARC break like that, has everything to do with Tom and his Missed Withholds and nothing to do with COB.

Imagine how screwed up society would be if people’s standing or worth was simply determined by every person who walked past them and how they felt about it.

Tom’s is a bizarre statement and indicative of no understanding of the basics of Scientology – Ethics, Tech or Admin.

Another of Tom’s big upsets was that “The confidentiality of the “Upper Level” material was fully breached.” So what is his handling for that – to go do his “Ls” and “OT Levels” at a squirrel group.  How is that a handling, Tom? Support the people that stole the materials.   Good thinking.  Check out the quotes section on Squirrels and see what LRH has to say about people who steal his materials and use them for personal gain.

Tom says you can’t buy an LRH book in the Church anymore. He is saying this to accuse COB of having tampered with the books.   He is insinuating that the earlier versions of the books were all pure LRH – written, edited, typeset and proofed by LRH himself.

We all know that is not true. Apart from DMSMH, most LRH Books were not presented as complete, edited, manuscripts. All versions of LRH books, from the earliest editions, have been edited and transcribed and compiled. Some were just notes, some included taped material, some included instructions on what to include.

So why were they LRH Books then,  but the versions that we have now  are suddenly not LRH Books anymore?  Just because teams of people went back to the original documents and verified that all instructions had been followed, all transcribing was correct, all misunderstoods were cleared – that suddenly makes them non-LRH Books.

It doesn’t make sense, and simply shows an A=A prejudice operating in Tom, as it does in so many of the other ‘Independents’.

Tom’s entire statement is riddled with similar outpoints and insanities.  There is no need to tear apart the work of an obviously fragile  mind.  Marcus Brutus introduced Tom as a comedian – maybe it’s intended to be funny.

That Tom Felts is heading up the “Independent Field” in D.C. doesn’t, in my book anyway, say a lot for the D.C. Independents. I am sure that deep down Tom is actually a genuinely nice guy, and I think it is a real shame that Scientology never got through to him when he was on staff.  It is clear that what he has been getting in the independent field hasn’t done much good either.


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