Marty Rathbun: 2011 in Review – Part 1

2011 was a full year of Marty Rathbun foot-bullets, screaming outpoints, and efforts to manufacture controversies that don’t exist. The year started out with bright, sparkling, false purposes for Rathbun – purposes that make social personalities wince – and ended with none of them achieved.

While I was watching the Church’s New Years Event the other night, I was struck not only by the volume of wins and accomplishments and the number of people helped with Scientology internationally, but also the specific numbers of various products and stats created by the tens of thousands of Scientologists working daily across the globe. From the number of Well-done Auditing Hours to the number of students totally turned around in their schooling in various countries, to the drug cases rehabilitated and the governments and their officials thanking LRH for the help his discoveries have brought to them in the past year.

I couldn’t help but see the genuine pro-survival, unselfish efforts of good-hearted Scientologists (resulting in great numbers of products) contrasted with the mean, decadent efforts of Marty Rathbun and his creepy little cadre of apostates and malcontents, and where it got them.

I did a mental review of Marty Rathbun’s 2011, and realized I could write 3 or 4 blog articles about his failed antics. I’ll start with this one, and hit some of the highlights – or should I say lowlights – beginning with one of Rathbun’s most laughable failures.

Marty Rathbun started the year by announcing a training revolution for squirrels: new facilities, supervisors, low prices, none of those pesky LRH checksheets, etc.

The facilities were in far-out never heard of locations. No one came. Rathbun himself promoted his own facility near the Shack, and couldn’t get anyone to come. The supervisors turned out to be either unqualified or had been RPFed multiple times for out-Tech, proponents of bizarre training/auditing ceremonies (auditing over the internet? Really? Did you guys do ANY meter drills?) or all of the above.

After painful and laborious discussions of which parts of Keeping Scientology Working to keep and which to discard, the simple fact remained, and remains to this day – no one is getting any training. It seems that most squirrels don’t feel the need to be trained to go spinning around and around. It just comes to them naturally. That of course doesn’t stop Marty Rathbun from citing made up stats to cover for the fact that he failed to observe an obvious and simple fact in the first place; that if his audience of case and training failures had ever really wanted to learn or use Scientology, they would have done so long ago, and that the “barriers” that prevented them from doing that were not the Church, or KSW, or COB but their own ethics situations (unhandled MU’s, O/W’s, unacknowledged A-J status – mainly Responsibility for Condition.) They are people who wanted “freedom” without responsibility, and they wanted it handed to them.

Marty Rathbun’s friends didn’t want to do the work of studying Scientology in the first place, and they don’t want to work to study his unrecognizable version of it now.

Not long after, some guy named Haggis pops up and declares himself fully in alignment with Rathbun’s natter points and resigns from the Church. Rathbun gets alarmed at the notion of someone using Haggis’ PC folder data to reveal a scandal, and screams in pain. In one of his usual leaps of Rathbunian logic, Marty fails to notice the guy hasn’t actually had a PC folder for over 30 years. He needed a way to try to revive a fading career and had just followed Rathbun’s degraded advice to “vampire” (as Marty puts it) off of Scientology in order to manufacture publicity for himself.

The guy becomes the centerpiece of a long, unreadable attack piece on Scientology in a New York magazine which is a showcase of yellow journalism and merely a re-hash of decades of character assassination of LRH and falsehoods about Scientology itself. Rathbun salutes it as “fine journalism” and hopes it will increase the donations he receives, since he was cited as a source for much of the entheta. It doesn’t. Rathbun makes covert pleas for hits to the Paypal button on his site. The article fades like all entheta attacks, and Rathbun goes fishing and mopes.

Undeterred, and after some refreshing telepathy with fishes, Rathbun decides to continue his “good work” by finding the most rabid and ravenous SP he can locate and join forces. After boasting that he was going to “handle” the situation for Scientologists in Germany, Rathbun goes there and follows Ursula Caberta around and performs like a trained pony for her, even crying on cue for some assembled media Merchants of Chaos. As if he hadn’t debased himself enough, Rathbun went on to show a stunning lack of PR awareness and pleaded before a German audience that his crimes were due to the fact that he “was only following orders”. If you wanted proof that Marty Rathbun is a stupid man, look no further.

The end result of course, was strengthened government oppression of religious freedom. “Good work,” Marty.

As if those down stats weren’t enough, Rathbun keeps trying to create an effect, and make money. Like a corny cartoon villain, Rathbun then tried to assemble a group of the foulest Scientology/LRH-hating culprits he could find anywhere to create a team of super-villains to bring down his dreaded nemesis, Scientology. This included not only Caberta, but Graham Berry and Mark Bunker. This was perhaps Rathbun’s biggest foot-bullet of the year because he could now no longer hold up the façade that he was in favor of both LRH and Scientology, just opposed to the Church.

Many of the people he had managed to fool with this now silly-looking canard began quietly tiptoeing away from him at this point.

One of the funnier foot-bullets that Rathbun’s keystone-cop corps of new super-villains thought up was a petition to the White House to investigate the government for not investigating Rathbun and Rinder’s fevered fantasies of Church wrongdoing. Needless to say, it went nowhere as they were following the advice of a nut case known for his life-long inability to get a product, the officially declared “vexatious litigant,” Graham Berry. Every squirrel and SP who could be contacted went scurrying around creating false internet identities to add numbers to the petition, and of course whining when their subterfuge fell flat.

I can’t decide if the funniest part of that was Rathbun pretending he had nothing to do with it, but merely supported it, or the way he assailed the government and law enforcement authorities afterwards, accusing them of corruption. He even adopted Berry’s hyper-paranoid world conspiracy theories in doing so. Law enforcement probably now has Rathbun filed under “nut cases on the edge.”

These things I’ve mentioned so far would be enough for any SP with some self-respect to go hide and change his name. But not Marty Rathbun. There’s much more, and in part 2 I’ll talk about Rathbun being publicly abused by a porn-rag editor he considers his “friend” and “brother.”