Marty Rathbun admits to falsifying worksheets

In a recent sensational article Rathbun revealed his “policy” on how to deal with a client’s transgressions if they ever come up.  Marty bluntly announced to his crowd, “I make no note of them – beyond perhaps one word beside a read or blowdown if it is required for future processing.”

When I first read his announcement, I thought, “He’s telling people to falsify worksheets! That’s completely squirrel!”

Then I finally figured out Marty’s logic and it goes something like this: If Marty doesn’t have a Case Supervisor to read the worksheets Marty doesn’t keep, and if Marty doesn’t have folders in which to put the worksheets he doesn’t keep for the Case Supervisor Marty doesn’t have, then what need is there to write down anyone’s transgressions?

And, if Marty doesn’t ever FES the folders he doesn’t have, there’s no need to write down anyone’s transgressions on the worksheets he doesn’t keep for the Case Supervisor who doesn’t exist and won’t ever check Marty’s “auditing” to ensure he is doing it standardly.

Then again, since Marty has stated before that he doesn’t pull anyone’s withholds, he wouldn’t have anything to write down anyway in the worksheets he doesn’t keep in the folders he doesn’t have which will never get reviewed by a Case Supervisor.

Since the last thing that Marty Rathbun would do is get any of his clients to take responsibility for any of their transgressions, it makes total sense for him to not write down any overts and withholds in the worksheets he doesn’t keep for the Case Supervisor who doesn’t exit.  In fact he teaches his clients that any transgressions they have committed was someone else’s fault. Just like any wrongdoing Marty admits to publicly he always puts the disclaimer that someone else made him do it.

Ultimately here is what LRH would tell Mark Rathbun