Hadden Scott Rathbun 1949 – 2013

Haddon Scott Rathbun

It is with sadness that we report the passing of Hadden Scott Rathbun, who up to now, was Marty Rathbun’s only living sibling, yet who had been ignored by Rathbun for the better part of three decades.

Rathbun spends pages of his self-published “memoirs” using his brother’s emotional state and the problems this generated in what can only have been a tortured family.  He wrote:

“When I was five years old my mother jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge. She did not survive the impact and her body washed up on shore a couple of days later. My mother’s suicide had a definite effect in shaping my later life. In the wake of this loss, some of my most lasting childhood memories were of avoiding social situations because of the pain inflicted by older boys teasing me about my mother “kicking the bucket.” My two older brothers never recovered. After living tortured childhoods both went insane in their early twenties. Scott, eight years my elder, has been institutionalized for “schizophrenia” most of his adult life. Bruce, four years older than I, was locked up in mental institutions several times, and finally was stabbed to death after a bar room brawl at the age of twenty-seven.”

One would have expected the last two survivors of this family to have been close. Yet, as of 2010, they had not seen each other since the 1990s.  His only concern evidently was to use the story to build himself up and make himself look heroic.

Scott once commented to a friend that he was sad that his brother had ignored him. Marty “must not love me,” he said. That’s the same Marty who makes himself available to the tabloid press on a moment’s notice, while spurning his brother’s efforts to reach out to him.

Despite his emotional issues, Scott had been making do in a single room in an assisted living facility that he shared with a favorite pet.  He had evidently achieved some measure of peace with himself, if not with his brother.

One can only hope that the two brothers reconciled before the end.  Knowing Marty Rathbun, though, it is hard to say.