How Marty Rathbun makes people believe his lies

Another testimony.

A short time ago, a newspaper article and website denigrating my group was promoted to me. I personally did not apply what I know to be a workable technology and thus did not handle it correctly – in keeping with my Personal Integrity. Rather than putting ethics in, on having this forwarded to me, I sought out and read the articles and went to the site. I soon found myself monitoring the site on a regular basis and this escalated into me making comments to various posts.

Because I had a couple of unresolved situations, I more easily went into agreement with the disaffection and false allegations: which is the intent behind the posts. As a result of my actions, I found that rather than handle anything, I instead experienced a gradual collapse across my dynamics.

I recognize that the postings on the website I viewed contain random communications on random subjects that are presented in an alarming fashion and don’t serve a constructive purpose. They are in the main only attempting to find and inflame upsets others may have and even create a situation where one doesn’t exist – thereby trying to align others to a “cause” that never existed in the first place.

These posts are the result of the personal agenda of others who did not apply the technology and contain only the rants of merchants of chaos.

In essence, the nature of the communications are intended to cause upset and create a “group” aligned to inflaming and furthering that self-adopted upset. One soon finds themselves in a slow transition of living in a “virtual world” with people you don’t know and having upsets or uncertainties on issues that you have no direct knowledge or experience with.

In addition, there is a strong attempt to convince others that upsets or errors cannot or will not be handled on Church lines, however, when I got back on the correct lines everything did in fact get addressed correctly and handled with ease.

Since reviewing this cycle, working through my bad judgment and applying LRH technology to my life, I have experienced a continuing resurgence of prosperity across my dynamics.

– formerly “Dagny”