How Marty Rathbun Stole Christmas

To celebrate Christmas this year, Marty Rathbun unleashes his bitter venom against an honorable man encouraging others to increase their charitable giving this Christmas.

Rathbun directs his all-encompassing bitterness at a decent man genuinely trying to help others practice their religion freely without persecution, whether it be Christianity, Islam, Ahmadiyya, or Scientology. All of whom face the kind of official persecution in various countries that Rathbun supports so vocally in Germany, for example.

Yes, one of the foremost desecrators of religion – Marty Rathbun – is vexed to the core by a man who works against religious persecution, who simply tells readers that it exists in other countries.

The man in question, Joseph Grieboski, wrote an article about how charities are particularly hard hit in these economic times and suffer for that to the point of being endangered themselves, not to mention the people they help. He urges readers to re-examine their charitable giving and to not abandon charities when they need support most.

He made no pitch for a particular religion, or even a particular charity. He simply asked people to increase their giving, to the charity of their choice.

Marty Rathbun seethes over a man who gives speeches about religious intolerance; speeches that stun American audiences – who take their religious rights for granted – even though the speeches are merely informing them of “the human rights violations that take place around the world simply because of the way someone chooses to pray.”

Why does Rathbun seethe? Because the author dared mention the official oppression of Scientology in Belgium (along with persecution of Baha’is in Iran and Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia, incessant anti-semitic acts in Europe, and the use of rape as a weapon in Congo.)

Only a cynical, sour little man would assail religious tolerance and charitable giving, especially in this holiday season.

Scrooge Rathbun hides his mean-spirited miserliness behind his outrage over imagined “human rights abuses” committed by others. That’s right. Serial batterer Marty Rathbun is all broken up about “human rights.”

But anyone who has spotted Rathbun’s true tone level could expect this.

Marty Rathbun is just as tightfisted with his charity toward others as he is with praise for the good and often great things done by Scientology that he works so hard to ignore or invalidate.

Rathbun is only generous with his cynicism and mean-spirited grousings about others actually helping people, which he himself is incapable of.

As readers of this blog know, Marty Rathbun is no stranger to attempting to degrade the sublime. He does it in this case by reducing the man’s motivations to money. After all, that is Marty Rathbun’s own level on the scale of motivation, and “the criminal only sees others as he himself is.” (LRH)

The mere mention of Scientology as one of the persecuted religions sends Scrooge Rathbun into a paroxysm of fear so narrowly focused that Rathbun can’t even see the altruism he’s railing against.

Though any work the author does for Scientology is just a part of what he does, it’s enough to send Rathbun into a diatribe about MONEY. As I said, this is just once again Rathbun’s criminal mind at work because Marty Rathbun himself is obsessed with MONEY, namely making a living out of dramatizing the venom flowing from his true intentions toward the people of Earth. Think the opposite of “Goodwill Toward Men” and you’ve got Rathbun’s money-making plans in a nutshell. And his holiday spirit.

What does money represent? Energy. Doingness. The ability to move and get things done.

And Scrooge Rathbun lives to stop all motion, especially pro-survival motion. And most especially, any motion that doesn’t suppress Scientology and people’s ability to improve by it.

In Marty Rathbun’s case, money not only represents the ability to not have to actually work or produce anything in life, it represents the fact of his failure and the fact of the success of Scientology. Seeing Scientology affluent hurts Rathbun worse than the smell of a Christmas goose cooking or the laughter of decent people.

Picture a sniveling, cold, dry little man greedily clutching his pile of coins and lovingly scratching figures into his precious ledger and you see Rathbun’s ideal scene for himself.

Imagine him getting himself alerted to any mention of Scientology and snarling into his keyboard. His new motto seems to be “hammer out of existence any sympathetic or favorable mention of Scientology or LRH.” This must be from his policy “Keeping Rathbun Working.” (Or if not actually “working,” at least making his precious money.)

But in the spirit of the holidays, I’ll be charitable to Marty Rathbun and merely say that he is a shriveled shell of a human being, who would steal Christmas from us all, every one.